Younique MLM Review

Even though Younique is a pretty new company – it’s very trending and it’s catching attention on social media – so here’s exactly what you’ll find out in this article:

  • What is Younique about?
  • Is Younique a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with Younique?
  • Is Younique an MLM?
  • Are Younique Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of  Younique?

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Younique is a very popular beauty company that has a range of makeup and skincare products. However, if you came across Younique, it might have been for their very unique Beauty Guide app that can help you find out exactly what makeup would work out the best for you.

However, if you Google Younique, you’d notice that it’s listed as a multi-level marketing company. That’s because they use MLM business schemes to promote their products, increase their sales, and increase the number of their employees and partners.

Anyone can join their MLM program, but should you really do it? Keep on reading to find out!

Younique Overall Rating

Company Name Younique
Company Logo younique MLM Review logo
Description MLM Company in the Beauty Industry
Cost to Start $99 – the minimum cost to start as a distributor
CEO Derek Maxfield
Website Younique
Date Founded 2012
Reviews Younique Employee Reviews on Glassdoor
Scam or Legit Legit
Recommend No, if you don’t like selling and recruiting)
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is Younique?

Younique is a really popular company that produces beauty products, skincare products, beauty tools, and even fragrances.

However, the reason they attract so many people is their unique web-based app that is known as Live Life which allows you to see yourself wearing a particular make-up using your phone or laptop.

Another great thing Younique provides is the ability to build your own bundle of makeup products.

But almost every one of their customers is aware of their MLM program. Keep on reading to find out more about MLM and how Younique’s MLM program works.

What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?

Multi-level marketing is a business model that is also known as a pyramid scheme.


Because the founder and the CEO are found at the top, with employees & partners below, and the customers being at the bottom of the pyramid.

While most pyramid-shaped business models only focus on recruiting without the sale of any products – MLM is a business model where both sales and recruiting happens.

Most companies, including Younique, have an MLM program which anyone can join. The attractive side of this is being able to make money online, working at your own pace, and working on your own terms.

However, it involves a lot of selling and recruiting which is a big no for most people.

Depending on how a company conducts its business and takes care of its MLM partners – some of them tarnish their reputation.

But what about Younique?

Is Younique a Scam?  Younique MLM Review avoid the affiliate marketing scams

Younique isn’t a scam. It’s a company that produces & sells quality products. Their prices might be a bit high for some people – but regardless of the price, they’re still a decent company.

But is their MLM program a scam?

Younique MLM program isn’t a scam. However, it might be a bit harder to make a sustainable income from it than it’s being advertised.

So if Younique MLM isn’t a scam, can you actually make money with it?

Can You Make Money with Younique?

Younique has a pretty complex hierarchy within its MLM program and depending on your status and the amount of money you invest in the program first – you could make some decent money being their partner.

If you are good at selling, promoting, and recruiting people – you might do well with the Younique MLM program.

They also provide their partners with training, unique Younique Visa cards after a certain threshold is met, and there’s even a possibility of getting a car bonus.

Therefore, it all depends on how good your skills are and how hard you work within their MLM program – but yes, it’s possible to make money.

Is Younique an MLMYounique MLM Review Pyramid

Younique is definitely an MLM company and they’re not trying to hide it as some other companies do.

They have a good MLM scheme in place and they provide great support & training to their partners.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, they have a couple of hierarchy levels, and depending on how hard are you working – you could even get a car bonus from Younique.

Even though it sounds amazing, you should still remember that it’s an MLM and you will have to sell and recruit a lot.

Are Younique Products Quality Products?

Younique produces quality makeup and skincare products which might come with a higher price tag – but they’re definitely decent.

If you’re looking into Younique as a company to build your own bundle of makeup products – that’s a good idea.

However, if you’re thinking about joining their MLM – you won’t have a hard time selling their products since they’re made with quality in mind. However, the price tag might be a bigger issue.

What are the Pros and Cons of  Younique?

Younique MLM Review Thumbs Up Younique MLM Review Thumbs down
Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Quality products High priced products
Ability to reach MLM bonuses The high cost of joining their MLM program
Great MLM support & structure Having to sell & recruit constantly to make money

My Final Thoughts on Younique  Younique mlm review my final thoughts

Younique is a really great company that doesn’t cut corners. They produce quality products, they invest a lot of money into their website & sales, and they’re really innovative in some areas.

Their MLM scheme is well organized and so far, it has only great words. If this doesn’t change in the future – this is probably one of rare decent MLM programs you could join.

However, it takes investment, a lot of hard work, and very long hours of selling, promoting and recruiting to become successful with the Younique MLM program.

And if you rely on only one MLM program to make your income – it could all come crashing down with a change of just a couple of rules in their MLM policy.

I personally believe that starting your own online business is far less complicated and even requires less investment.

And if you put the same amount of work and hours into your own business – you could go a lot further.

But did you ever think about how easy it is to start an online business?

Keep on reading to find out how I started my online business and how I make my money without having to rely on MLM business models, and without having to sell & recruit.

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Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Quality Products
  • Ability to reach MLM bonuses
  • Great MLM support & structure


  • Multi-level Marketing Business Model
  • The high cost of joining their MLM program
  • Having to sell & recruit constantly to make money

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