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Have you ever used WordPress Plugins?  The process of finding the Top 5 WordPress Plugins has certainly been a long journey of extensive trial and error.  But, in this article I am sharing my experience with you and I will share with you the very best WordPress Plugins that I have found.  Are you ready for this?  Let’s get started!

To use WordPress Plugins, you will first need a WordPress Website.

1.  All In One SEO Pack

The All In One SEO Pack is the Search Engine Optimization WordPress Plugin that Wealthy Affiliate recommends.  If you host your websites through Wealthy Affiliate, the All In One SEO Pack comes already installed as one of your primary plugins.  This is how I discovered it.

All In One SEO Pack has over 50 million downloads since 2007!  This is certainly a popular WordPress Plugin and for very good reason!

If you do not host your websites at Wealthy Affiliate, you can still easily download the All In One SEO Pack by going to Plugins in the left hand column from within WordPress.  After you select Plugins, it will take you to the Plugins page where you can enter All In One SEO Pack as pictured below.  It is really that simple!

Wordpress Plugins

Select Add New once you get to the Plugins screen within WordPress.

Wordpress Plugins

Type in the WordPress Plugin that you are searching for next to where it says keyword on the right of the screen.  This is where you search for Plugins.  In the picture above, you can see the All In One SEO pack!

Below are some really great features of the All In One SEO Pack:

  • automatically notifies Google and Bing about changes to your site.
  • generates META tags automatically.
  • XML sitemap support
  • Easy to use interface to fill in your SEO title, description and information for social sharing.

The All In One SEO pack encompasses everything that you need for SEO.  Below is a video describing even more of its benefits:

The above video is a great video explaining how to use the All In One SEO Pack Plug-In.  This is one of my favorite WordPress Plugins!  This video was created by another member within Wealthy Affiliate.

2.  Classic Editor

The Classic Editor has also been a life-saver type of WordPress Plug-in.  Recently, when WordPress changed their Dashboard format to Gutenberg, I was not pleased with it to say the least!  I panicked slightly and then did my research to find Classic Editor.  When you install Classic Editor, WordPress reverts back to the classic style and it hides all functionality within the Gutenberg Block Editor.  whew!

The Classic Editor Plugin is a maintained by the WordPress Team.  I could thank the WordPress Team personally for this one!  This is a 5 star-rated plugin and there are over 4 million active installations.  You only need this plugin if your WordPress Blog Area is in the Gutenberg style which is a block editor.  Many people do not like the Gutenberg block editor including myself!  So, keep this plugin in mind if you should ever need it!

3.  Contact Form Generator

Contact Form Generator is the WordPress Plugin that I use for my contact form on this very website.  I find it to be extremely user-friendly.  You can easily create a simple contact form for your website.  This allows people to easily contact you from your Contact Us page.  Once you pick the form style and field, you simply insert the short code within WordPress on your Contact Us page or where ever you want the form to appear.  The Contact Form Generator allows the visitor to your site to fill in their information and ask a question or give a comment.  I am always available to help guide you in creating your online business so this is one of the ways that you can contact me!

Below is an example of my Contact Us page.  I took a screenshot of the Contact Us page from TwoFreeWebsites:


contact us page wordpress plugin

4.  Pretty Links

Pretty Links is also an amazing WordPress Plugin that I learned about from my training to build a business online.  Again, I take all of my training at Wealthy Affiliate. There, they will teach you to build a money-making business online just like they did for me!   For starters, they give you 2 free websites, hosting and training in the free starter membership.  

Pretty Links does just that, it makes your links “pretty” and more user-friendly for search engines.  You can give one of your Affiliate links a more user-friendly look.

Also, when you post affiliate links on social media, it gives your links a more customized look.  Whereas, a regular affiliate link with an id on the end tends to look more like spam.

Let me give you a sneak peak behind Pretty Links!

pretty links admin

After you download the Pretty Links plugin, the words Pretty Links will be added to the left hand column of your WordPress Admin area.  After clicking on Pretty Links, select Add New from the Pretty Links screen to add a new Pretty Link.  It will look like the screen above.

Here you will enter in your Target URL which will be your Affiliate ID that you would like to mask.  In the Pretty Link field you can give a meaningful name to the actual link.  In the Title field, give your new Pretty Link a name that you will recognize.

After you do all of that you can select Create to create your Pretty Link.  Then, you will be taken to a screen where you can copy your brand new Pretty Link to use in your post or on social media.  All of your Pretty Links that you have created will also be stored for future use!  See the picture below to see what it looks like:

pretty links in action

It is so helpful to have a list of your Pretty Links.  You can use these for your blog posts or on social media anytime!

What do you think about Pretty Links so far?

5.  Smush

Last but not least is a WordPress Plugin that I love love LOVE!  I tend to try to make my website graphical and appealing to the eyes.  So, I always use a lot of images and graphics.  Smush has also been a website life-saver for me!  After you download Smush and activate it, you are ready to roll.

Smush will compress all of the images on your website and save you tons of space which improves your website page load time greatly!

This is what Smush looks like!

smush wordpress plugins

Smush lets you know when you have images that need smushing (compressing).  How convenient is that?  Select Bulk Smush and all of the images on your website will be smushed!  This will lead to faster page loading and you can still feel good about using all of your beautiful and helpful graphics!

I hope you have found my top 5 pick of awesome WordPress Plugins to be useful!  Each of these WordPress Plugins has different uses so feel free to use all of them!  I do!

Throughout this website, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks that I have learned along the way from my years of experience in Information Technology and in building a business online.  I want to help you make your dreams of living a life that you love come true!

What do you think about these 5 WordPress Plugins?  Are you going to try them?  Let me know in the comments below!  I love hearing from you!



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