Why is Wealthy Affiliate a Great Way to Make Money Online? 7 Reasons Why!

Why is Wealthy Affiliate a Great Way to Make Money Online_


If you found this article, you are probably wondering…  Why is Wealthy Affiliate a Great Way to Make Money Online?  We are going to answer all of your questions and then some!

Have You Been Scammed Before?

You may have been scammed in the past by a company that claims to help you make money online.  All of us have seen ads for companies that claim that you can make money online and get rich quick overnight.


Run From Get Rich Quick Schemes!

When you see a get rich quick scheme, run for the hills!  If this was possible, everyone would be doing it and be rich as a result.  Wouldn’t they?  Run from get rich quick schemes

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme in any way.  You can get rich following Wealthy Affiliate’s training and doing the tasks over time.  But, it will require your hard work, devotion and dedication to succeed.


Are You Making Your Boss Rich Instead of Yourself?

You might be working full time and busting your butt working for someone else to make an hourly wage.  This is only wearing you out and making your boss or the owner of the company richer.

Why not put your hard work efforts into building your own business with a passive income?  Many people just like you have followed the Wealthy Affiliate training and  put the assigned tasks into action…  they were able to replace the income from their day jobs.  In a lot of cases, surpass it!

If you keep working at building your business online, over time, the money keeps adding up!


Wealthy Affiliate is a Great Plan of Action to Reach Financial Independence!

This is not an overnight get rich quick scheme but it can be a long term get rich plan if you want it to be and you do these two things:

  1. Follow the Training.
  2. Work at it and do not give up!

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s get into the top 7 reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to make money online!


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Introduction – Why is Wealthy Affiliate a Great Way to Make Money Online?  7 Reasons Why!


1.  The Training is Easy to Follow

The Training at Wealthy Affiliate takes you through Phases that each contain lessons.  You follow each section by reading the lesson, watching the video and doing the tasks.  As you do each task, you check off the box next to the assigned task.  This will help you keep track of your accomplishments.  Work From Home

The next time you return to continue working, the Wealthy Affiliate will let you know where you left off and what you accomplished.  This makes it easy to log in and do your training at your convenience.


2.  You Get Coaching from Experts Who are Making Full Time Incomes Online

I love the 2 owners of Wealthy Affiliate.  Their names are Kyle and Carson.  They were highly successful in Internet Marketing even before they started Wealthy Affiliate.

They started out just like you but unlike you, they did not have training in Affiliate Marketing and how to make money online at their fingertips.  They had to figure it out themselves.

Their vision for Wealthy Affiliate came out of a dream to provide a road map to help others becomes successful making money online just like they had done.  They wanted to use their road to success as a road map for others to follow….  and, that is exactly what they did.  They are are self made Internet-Millionaires and I admire and respect them so much.

Kyle and Carson will even send you a personal message within the Wealthy Affiliate community once you enter the community by signing up for a Free Starter Membership.  They are always eager and genuine about helping you succeed online!  learn about wordpress

To me, shadowing someone who is in a position that I want to be in is my road map to success.  We all need a mentor to follow that is where we want to be.  Where do you want to be?


3.  Free Starter Membership

One of my favorite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is that they offer a Free Starter Membership.  This is actually the only reason that I signed up when I first found Wealthy Affiliate.  They did not even ask me for a credit card to begin my Free Starter Membership.  No credit card required.  I just entered my email, username and a password.  I instantly gained access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training.  The first lesson is Getting Rolling.

Below is a screenshot of the lessons that will be offered to you.  This is the perfect place to learn to build a website and get started building your business online.

You will also get 2 free websites plus hosting with your Free Starter Membership so you can start building out your website.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Training


free statrter account at Wealthy Affiliate button


After about a week of trying out Wealthy Affiliate, I felt confident that I wanted to upgrade my Membership to Premium because I needed everything that they had to offer me to succeed in my journey of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur.


4.  24/7 Site Support

Wealthy Affiliate has the best Technical Site Support on the planet.  I am not kidding!

They are always looking for ways to improve their Hosting and their Servers.  You can contact them 24/7 via a Site Support ticket and they respond within minutes.

You never have to worry if you experience issues with your website.

It is important to keep your website up and running 24/7 at optimum efficiency especially when it starts making money for you.  Potential customers are looking at your website from all over the world around the clock so you must keep your website up and running efficiently so you do not lose any money.


5.  You Will Be Shocked At How Fast You Make Sales!

If you follow the training phase by phase and task by task, you will start generating traffic to your website.  Traffic to your website equals sales.  Of course, your motive for writing the content on your website is to help people but you are also running your own business.  Put helping people first and foremost and the sales will follow.

It took 40 articles published before I started seeing results on my niche websites.  It took 57 articles published before I started seeing results on the how to make money online (MMO) site that you are on now.  TwoFreeWebsites_RecurringCommission

That did take an investment of my time writing all of that content.  But just focus on helping people and the content will flow.  And, I am investing in my own business which is an amazing feeling.

Put in the effort and you will see results.  It is not a matter of if but it is a matter of when.


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6.  Upgrading to a Premium Membership is Very Economical for What Wealthy Affiliate Gives You

It is so great to be able to try out Wealthy Affiliate first with the Free Starter Membership.  Wealthy Affiliate not only gives me all of the training that I need to build my business online but they host my websites and I can easily manage my multiple WordPress websites though their SiteRubix platform.

Once you start rolling with Internet Marketing, you will be flowing with ideas and want multiple websites most likely.  Try to focus on one and focus on getting that website going in the beginning.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can have up to 50 hosted WordPress websites!  That should cover it!

This is a chart that shows what you get with the Premium Membership versus the Free Starter Membership.


So, the above is what you get in a nutshell.  🙂  What do you think so far?


7.  Wealthy Affiliate has Live Training Every Friday Night!

Also, one of my favorite parts of the Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership is the Live Training.

You get Live Coaching from a highly successful Internet Entrepreneur.  Jay is the live Training Coach.  He is so knowledgeable that you will gain so much information just in his one hour live class.  He is smart, clever and witty.  The training that he delivers is so useful and he will even keep you smiling with his spunky wit and charm through the process.

Meet Jay!  Below is a picture of Jay, the Live Trainer at Wealthy Affiliate!

Jay Training Chief at Wealthy Affiliate

My favorite videos of Live Training that Jay does are his Case Studies.  During the Case Study, he will research a niche live, choose a niche live and even build out his niche website live.  So, you get to look over the shoulder of an Internet Expert.  The niche websites that Jay builds during these Case Studies make money.  Some of them even turn a profit while the 4 week Case Study is still going on!

This amazes me!  I have learned so much from Jay and will continue to do so.  He truly inspires me!

Here is a listing of a few of Jay’s recent Live Training Classes:


Jays Live Training Wealthy Affiliate


My Final Thoughts on Why Wealthy Affiliate is a Great Way to Make Money Online

So, for the purpose of this article, I only picked out 7 reasons on why Wealthy Affiliate is great.  There are many more!  I have been a member since 2015 and I am now a full time Internet Entrepreneur.

What do you think of these 7 reasons?  Do you want to make money online?  Do you want to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur?

Leave a comment in the comments section below!  I love hearing from you and I respond to comments on a daily basis!

Lots of Love!


Read About Me if you want to 🙂


If you would like to get started at Wealthy Affiliate with a Free Starter Membership, click the banner below to sign up.  It is simple to sign up.  No credit card required.

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Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

8 thoughts on “Why is Wealthy Affiliate a Great Way to Make Money Online? 7 Reasons Why!”

  1. Thanks for pointing some of the reasons why people may want to venture out on their own and yet hesitate due to the “get rich quick” schemes. There are too many of those out there to even count!! Starting with a free plan is a great way to ease into things and see if it is what you expected or something feasible for your own situation. It’s nice that there is a more robust plan to offer more services for those who feel they need them too!

    • Aly,

      Yes, I completely agree!  The Free Starter Membership gave me a taste of what Wealthy Affiliate offers.  They actually offer a lot in their Free Starter Membership.  Anyway, it was enough to convince me that they are a true and honest company and they genuinely want to help me succeed.  

      I now host all of my websites at Wealthy Affiliate and everything that I need to be a successful Internet Entrepreneur is right there for me….  everything!

      I wish you much continued success!  Thank you for your comment!!


  2. Everyone wants to become successful, that’s the ultimate goal but some day jobs cannot offer that and that is one of the reasons I ditched it to join wealthy affiliate. Its been a great ride. One of the reasons I feel wealthy affiliate is awesome is because you get to meet new people. The community is large and there are a number of people from all works of life. They instantly offer support when you join and they make everything so easy. I recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone and everyone who wants to make money online. The training is massively helpful.

    • Henderson,

      Thank you for your comment!  It really is great meeting new people with shared goals.

      Wealthy Affiliate

      is a great community for Internet Entrepreneurs of all levels to share experiences, knowledge and grow together.

      It is wonderful to know that at Wealthy Affiliate, you not only have the support of the community but of the owners, Kyle and Carson.  It also encourages and inspires me to attend Jay’s Live Training on Friday nights.  🙂

      I am sure you will continue doing great at Wealthy Affiliate.  Just keep pushing ahead to achieve your goals and dreams!

      Wishing you much success!


  3. The seven points picked out and written about on thus post are spot on.  Wealthy Affiliate is surely an excellent platform to make money online if well maximised well. The training is massive, the site supooort is constant, free membership, site hosting and so much more. It is just the real deal for any affiliate marketer who wishes to make stable earning online to join wealthy Affiliate. It is worthy of every penny I have invested for my subscriptions. Thanks do much for the article

    • Tracy,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the article and found it to be useful.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to make money online definitely and I am glad that you think so too.  🙂

      Thank you for the comment!  I wish you much success!


  4. Thank you for this article. The one I appreciated the most was number 5, about how fast you will make sales. That gave me a lot of Hope because I am just at around 15 or 20 articles on my website. It is only my first month so I’m trying to just take my time because like you said it’s a matter of when because it’s going to happen.

    as far as the training being easy to follow, I think I actually had my website up and running within the first week, with my own domain name and everything. I think the premium membership has definitely been a good value so far. I keep hearing about people making money online and That helps keep me going.

    • Edward,

      I am so glad that number 5 of the article inspired you!  I wrote articles and followed the training for months (even full time) and then one day to my surprise, I had emails saying that I had referrals!  And, some sales on Amazon for my niche sites!  At first glance, I thought I was seeing things!  lol

      It will happen so follow the training and do what Jay, Kyle and Carson say.  They are amazing and genuinely want to help us succeed.  That is rare to find.

      Stay in touch and let me know how you progress!



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