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If you are reading this, then you are pondering this question…  what is the best video editor? 

Well, I am here to answer that question.  I have used so many different video editors over the years.  Even during that time, I was always looking for something better.

Recently, I discovered Filmora and I absolutely love it!  I mean I love it.  It is everything I could ask for in a video editor and more.  Since finding Filmora, I have completely stopped looking for a video editor because Filmora is everything that I need plus more.

I initially tried it because they offer a free download where you can explore all of the awesome features.  The download allows you to completely explore all of the options and features.  This allows you to get a great feel for the product.

Filmora Free Download



Company Name:  Filmora 9 Video Editor by Wondershare

Star Rating:  

Overall Ranking: Excellent

Price:  $39.99 Billed Annually

Product Quality:  Excellent

Full Membership:    Annual Subscription

Owners:  Wondershare

Website Filmora


What is the Best Video Editor?  Filmora!

I used to use Camtasia when I worked for a company and I got used to the interface. The user interface was extremely easy to follow.  But, the software costs over $200 to purchase.  My company paid for it at the time because we used it in-house to create videos.

When I started my own business, I needed something with low upfront costs to develop my videos.  I needed something to purchase effective and efficient to use for my own business.  That is when I discovered Filmora.

In my opinion, it offers everything that Camtasia offered me.  The interface is very similar and very easy to use.  And, it is simple to import media files and add them to the timeline.  The timeline has different layers so that offers a ton of flexibility.

Let’s Explore the Filmora Features

  • 100 Media Layers – This is truly one of my favorite features.  You can easily move around your media in separate layers on the timeline.  This offers so much flexibility!
  • Composting – Filmora even allows you to create impressive effects with a Green Screen.  So cool!
  • Audio Tools – Filmora allows you to perfect your sound with background noise removal, keyframing and more.  They even offer various audio tracks from many different genres to add to your video for free.
  • Full 4k Support – Your video always turns out as crisp as it could possibly e with full 4k support.
  • Fast Processing
  • Proxy Files
  • Adjustable Preview Quality
  • Fine Tuning – Can fix fisheye and camera shaking.
  • Effects – Slow Motion and Reverse Effects
  • Aesthetic – Change the aesthetics of your video with the click of a button.
  • Available for both Mac an Windows
  • User-friendly interface



Take a sneak peak inside Filmora 9 with me.  This is the Audio Track section where you can add a variety of audio tracks from different genres to your video.  It is really that simple!  These audio tracks are completely free to use for any of your videos.

Filmora free download audio tracks


Next, let’s take a sneak peak inside Filmora 9 at the timeline.


What is the best video editor timeline


As you can see above on the timeline, I made a short intro already for my TwoFreeWebsites video on my Youtube channel.  So far, I added a video track of a Caribbean Beach which was a free download.  I also added a video track with my TwoFreeWebsites logo graphic in a .png file.  This is just an example of what can be done.  I did all of this within a few minutes.  I do have some experience with video editing software but I was a first time user of Filmora!

Each line going across represents a different track for your video.

Filmora offers a free download where you can try out all of the features and even create a video, upload media, move things around on the timeline, experiment, render your video and save, etc.  This gives you the full feeling of what you are indeed getting with Filmora.

The video below is a good video tutorial on Filmora 9  I found this on Youtube and thought it would be helpful for you.

I am Purchasing this!

I have not yet started creating videos for my Youtube channel but I am going to purchase Filmora 9 to do my videos.

I started by creating that short Intro for my Youtube videos to test it out to see how user-friendly it is.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I used the Filmora Free Download to do it.  I felt fully satisfied.  This is how I know that I will be purchasing Filmora.  It has everything that I need.



If you are starting a Youtube channel and need to produce high quality videos, I definitely recommend Filmora.  Filmora is also great for creating high quality videos for any reason.

I love that Filmora offers a multi-layered timeline for you to add your tracks.  It is easy to create awesome videos when it is easy to add media to you various tracks.  You can slide this media around to place it where you want it.  It is also very easy to import your media files for your video.

Filmora also allows easy rendering options.  I like to output my final videos to an mp4 format.

I learned a lot about how effective Youtube videos can be in building my online business from Wealthy Affiliate.  

They taught me everything that I needed to know about building a business online and using Youtube to drive traffic to your website.  Although I have not published my videos yet, I now feel confident since I have an amazing video editor and creator to do so.



If you have any comments or questions about Filmora or any of its features, please leave a question or comment in the comments section below.  Also, let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything else mentioned in this article.

I always love hearing from you.  I respond to my comments each and every single day.


Lots of love and success!


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