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If you are reading this article then you might be wondering…  what is Lemongrass Spa?  Check out the Lemongrass Spa Reviews 2020 and we will answer all of your questions and more…

  • What is Lemongrass Spa?
  • Is the Lemongrass Spa Multi-Level Marketing opportunity legit?
  • What are the Lemongrass Spa Products?
  • Are the Lemongrass Spa Products a good quality?
  • Can you make money with Lemongrass Spa?

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Lemongrass Spa Overall Rating

Company Name Lemongrass Spa
Cost to Start $129.00 for Starter Kit
Founders Heidi Leist
Lemongrass Spa
Reviews Lemongrass Spa Reviews on Glassdoor

What is Lemongrass Spa?

When Heid Leist, the Founder of Lemongrass Spa, was pregnant with her daughter, she became more cautious about what she put on her skin and in her body.  She then began her journey of educating herself about healthy beauty and skincare products and healthy eating choices.

She realized then that there were many unsafe chemicals in bath and beauty products.  That is what inspired her to then start making natural beauty products from home.  She began sharing these products with other women.  Not long after, these women started regularly using the all-natural products such as body polishes, foot soaks and lotions.

Lemongrass Spa was founded in 2002.

Lemongrass grew and they now offer a line of beauty and skincare products. This company is founded upon sharing a passion for clean-living, natural beauty, and self-care.

Heidi and her husband Brian now make small batches of their products from their facility in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  The consulting care team resides in Pine, Colorado where the company began.

Lemongrass Spa not only offers a line of clean-living beauty and skincare products, but they also offer an opportunity for women.

Is the Lemongrass Spa Multi-Level Marketing opportunity legit?

Lemongrass Spa offers an opportunity for women to be their own boss and set their own hours by promoting Lemongrass Spa and becoming a Consultant.  This opportunity is best for women who have already tried Lemongrass Spa products and love them and want to share them with others.

The offer is legit but it does require a start-up cost.  A consultant can make 25% of their personal sales.  It is challenging to make money with Multi-Level Marketing Companies.  There is a lot of competition and the big money-makers are usually at the top of the pyramid already.

To Join is the First Step

To join, you need to purchase a Lemongrass Spa Starter Kit.  I have included a picture below of the options:

Lemongrass Spa Party Consultant Agreement   $129.00

This best-selling skincare collection includes hand spa products and also family essentials. It includes 25 Catalogs, order forms, invitations, and a New Consultant Training Guide to create your spa opportunities.

Lemongrass Sheer Minerals Consultant Agreement $129.00

This kit includes cover-up, foundation, liquid Foundation and lip, and cheek colors.   It also includes a brush set. The kit includes 25 Catalogs, order forms and invitations for you to start your consulting.  You will also get a new consultant training guide.

Lemongrass Consultant Agreement Both Kits  $250.00


what is lemongrass spa enrollment options

What are the Lemongrass Spa Products?  lemongrass spa products

Lemongrass Spa offers an array of beauty and skincare products that are all-natural.  The all-natural part is a big selling point.  They claim that their products are fresh, clean and natural.  They also claim to be organic, fragrance-free and there is never any animal testing.

Lemongrass Spa Products claim to be infused with nourishing butters, therapeutic essential oils and vitamin-enriched extracts.

The products are gluten-free, and toxin-free products. They offer skincare, body care, organic essential oils and mineral makeup.


Are the Lemongrass Spa Products a good quality?

The Lemongrass Spa Products appear to be very good products.  It is important that they are all-natural with no animal testing ever.

The Lemongrass Spa Products customers seem to be very pleased and have given excellent reviews.

I would definitely try these products.

Can you make money with Lemongrass Spa?

I believe that is definitely possible to make money with Lemongrass Spa.  They do offer 25% on your personal retail sales.  It is typically challenging to make money with MLMs although it is possible.

Below are the ways that you can earn money with Lemongrass Spa:

  • Personal Commission – You can earn 25% commission on your personal sales.
  • Personal Sales Volume Bonus – If your personal sales volume is at least $1500 in a month, you can earn a 5% bonus.
  • Sponsoring Bonus – Senior sales Consultants and above receive this bonus. You can make a 4% bonus based on your volume of sponsored consultants.
  • Team Bonus – This is a bonus earned based on the personal volume of your team.  Team Leaders earn $50.  Directors and above earn 4 – 5%.

So, as you can see, Lemongrass Spa is a Multi-Level Marketing Business Model.  I do not recommend MLM’s to make money but I do like the Lemongrass Spa Products and I like their commission of 25% from personal sales volume.

My Final Thoughts on Lemongrass Spa  My Final Thoughts on Lemongrass Spa

I do love the Lemongrass Spa Products.  I love that they were developed by a woman who wanted something clean and organic with her baby in mind.  This company does offer something interesting and their business opportunity does offer a good commission of 25%.

I am overall not a supporter of Multi-Level Marketing Companies.  In my opinion, the commissions are confusing and the people making most of the money are at the top.


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Are you interested in learning to make money online?

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Lemongrass Spa


Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Developed by a woman.
  • Clean and organic.
  • 25% commission.


  • Multi-Level Marketing Business Model
  • Not fun to sell to family and friends.

Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

6 thoughts on “Lemongrass Spa MLM Review”

  1. How sad. Another seemingly wonderful product brought down by an MLM. I have often wondered, for no real reason, what the most economically friendly way to sell a newly invented product would be. Someone could easily be led down the MLM path, thinking of all the different sales-people and customers they’d be helping. Yet, even a decent MLM is quickly deadened by the negativity associated with most MLM scams. If only these lovely people had decided on something different. Perhaps a website with an affiliate program, maybe? I love your links to Wealthy Affiliate. Way to go!

    • Cathy,

      That is very true.  Lemongrass Spa does seem to have great products but the MLM business model makes you question all of it.

      I think an Affiliate Program where you can advertise their products on your website and make a commission is a great idea!

      Thank you for the compliments on my links to WA!

      Thank you for your comment too!

      Best wishes!


  2. There are a lot of companies out there a person can become a part of. It is nice to read reviews like this to get an idea of what may be worth it or not. It sounds like Lemongrass Spa is proud of its products and provides healthier, more natural alternatives to other products. To start as an affiliate with the company, the cost seems fair but too high priced for my preference.

    I am a strong advocate for the second company you talk about “Wealthy Affiliate” and it sounds like you are too. I have personally been a member for a few years and plan to stick around for life! I have learned how to build my own online company as well as make a second income from the WA bonus commissions!

    If anyone wants to be a success from home, working with the help of Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go and there is no risk to try the free starter membership. Just do yourself a favor and at least go through the first few lessons right away. You don’t want this opportunity to slip away! Take it from Alisha, she is proof that this stuff works!

    • Amelita,

      I am so glad that you liked my Lemongrass Spa Review!

      In my Reviews, I am thorough and honest so I can help my readers make the best decision for themselves.  🙂

      I have also been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2015.  I truly believe it is the very best way to build a business and make money online.  The people at WA are genuine and honest.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Best wishes!


  3. Hi Alisha, I found your article very interesting indeed but I was curious as to what natural ingredients are actually used in the Lemongrass products.

    Let’s face it, women are bombarded with ‘health and beauty secrets’ that promise to be safe, natural, and effective and good for us, as well as for our families. Lemongrass does seems promising though. You’re right. Before we judge (or promote) the product, we should try it first. Thanks so much.


    • Sue,

      Here are a few of the natural ingredients:

      Organic Essential Oil and All-Natural Extracts Blend found in Lime Splash. Organic Fruit, Floral or Plant Extracts, found in Passion Punch, Tranquil Escape and Island Coconut. All Natural Fruit, Floral or Plant Extracts, found in Sugar Petals and Clean Slate.” by Lemongrass Spa.

      I am not promoting any products but simply bringing my readers the facts all in one place in a user-friendly format.  🙂  I am not affiliated with Lemongrass Spa at all.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Best wishes!



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