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What is Juice Plus? – Is Juice Plus a Scam or Legit?

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What is Juice Plus? – Is Juice Plus a Scam or Legit?

In this Complete Juice Plus Review, we are going to explore the facts about Juice Plus.  I want to commend you for taking the time to research Juice Plus before you invest your hard-earned money.  Good job to you for being a smart person and educating yourself!

Is juice Plus a Scam or is it Legit?  We are not only exploring the products but we are also exploring the business opportunity that Juice Plus offers.  Can you actually make money promoting Juice Plus?  What is the quality of their products?

Well, let’s find out!  what is juice plus

I would also like to mention that I am in no way affiliated with Juice Plus.  This review is strictly written from my own personal extensive research.


Juice Plus Overview – Rating

Company Name Juice Plus
Star Rating
Founders Jay Martin
Juice Plus
Reviews Juice Plus Reviews on Trust Pilot


What is Juice Plus?

The Juice Plus Company is a Multi-Level Marketing Company that has a line of dietary supplements that contain fruit and vegetable extracts and it is also fortified with additional vitamins and nutrients.

The Juice Plus Company was founded over 50 years ago by Jay Martin.  The Juice Plus Company used to be a small direct sales company and now it is a multi-million dollar health and wellness company.  Juice Plus operates in 20 countries today.

The turning point for the company happened in 1993.  There was founded scientific proof that adding fruits and vegetables to a person’s diet increased their health and well-being.  The recommended minimum was 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  But, sadly, less than 20% of Americans were consuming 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  And, as time progresses, the amount keeps declining.

This is where the Juice Plus products come in.


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All About the Juice Plus Products

Tthe Juice Plus Company developed Juice Plus because they realized the importance of a person’s daily nutrition. They use the highest-quality ingredients.  Juice Plus gives far fresh nutrition that is concentrated.  It is from 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains.

Juice Plus is supposed to fill in the nutritional gaps.  Juice Plus claims to supplement even a healthy diet.  It has added nutrients from fruits and vegetables a person may not get every day.

Juice Plus offers this nutrition in a capsule form, chewables and complete which is shakes and vitamins.  Check out the details below:


Capsule form of Juice Plus

These are small capsules that provide you with the Juice Plus Nutrition.  Easy to take.

Chewable form of Juice Plus

This is a chewable tablet with all of the Juice Plus Nutrition.


This option offers bars and shakes that are good for people on the go.  These also contain the Juice Plus Nutrition.

Can You Make Money with the Juice Plus MLM?

Juice Plus offers the opportunity to build a part-time business for people that love Juice Plus to promote to others.

To become a Juice Plus Representative, follow the below steps.

Step One – Get to know Juice Plus by using their products

Step Two – Submit an application plus $50 to apply to be able to promote Juice Plus and make a commission.

Step Three – Grow your virtual Juice Plus franchise by promoting within your community.


The Juice Plus Company is a Multi-Level Marketing Company at its core.  When you become a Juice Plus Rep, they encourage you to build a Sales Team.  This means recruiting other people to do the same thing that you are doing…  promote and sell Juice Plus.

When you acquire a Team of 40 or more people under you, Juice Plus claims that you will make a full-time income.

I believe that you can make money with Juice Plus.  It is a good product and everyone needs this nutrition.

To make a full-time income, you will have to recruit a Sales Team.  This could be difficult and extremely challenging.  It might be easier if you have a huge network of friends and family.  I absolutely do not like selling to friends and family but this sales opportunity is viable to me because the product is nutritional and will help people.



  • The Juice Plus Company is transparent and forthright about the money-making opportunity.  They do not make exaggerated claims of false riches that you can make.  They even express that you can make a part-time income as a Sales Rep.  Realistic goals!
  • The Juice Plus product is promotable because it is a convenient way to make sure people get their nutrition.  Many people have busy lives these days.


  • I am not crazy about MLMs and this company has a MLM business model.  But, this is one of my favorites because they offer a convenient way for people to get their nutrition.


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My Final Thoughts on the Juice Plus Company  My Final Thoughts on Juice Plus

I like the fact that Juice Plus offers a way to help people get their nutrition.  I believe that fruits and vegetables are important.  Over 20% of Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables per the study.  So, I can see that the Juice Plus Company is offering a solution to a problem.

I do not support most Multi-Level Marketing plans but I do not mind this one because the product is good and it solves a nutritional problem.

I believe that a person “can” make money but it most likely will be challenging.

I believe there are better ways to make money which I will show you in the next section.  I will show you how I make money online from home.


How I Make Money Online From Homewhat i s juice plus

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Are you interested in learning how to make money online?

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