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What Is GoDaddy


What is GoDaddy?  What does GoDaddy offer to its customers and do they measure up?

In this article I am going to answer all of your questions and then some!  I am going to share with you all of the research I have gathered on GoDaddy including my own personal experience using them.

Yes, I have a lot of first-hand experience using GoDaddy.  I have used GoDaddy for many years!

I have used GoDaddy to host my websites over the years and also for my domain name registration.  I currently use another company to host my websites but I still use GoDaddy to register my domains.

Let’s get into discovering all that we can about GoDaddy, shall we?


GoDaddy Rating

Company Name GoDaddy
Star Rating
Overall Ranking Good
Price Good
Quality of Service Good
Reviews on TrustPilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.godaddy.com?page=2
Founder Bob Parsons
Website GoDaddy


GoDaddy is well-known for its commercials featuring race car driver Danica Patrick.

GoDaddy is an American publicly traded company.  GoDaddy primarily is a domain registrar and web hosting company.  They are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They were incorporated in Delaware.

GoDaddy has over 18.5 million customers.  They have over 9,000 employees worldwide.  Pretty impressive, huh?

GoDaddy is the largest web host by market share with over 62 million registered domains.  As I mentioned, I register my domain names at GoDaddy as well!

You can register domain names through GoDaddy.  GoDaddy also provides hosting services.  GoDaddy has a website builder that you can use to build your website.  All of these services are offered at a very reasonable cost.



  • Easy to register a domain and economical
  • GoDaddy Hosting is dependable
  • GoDaddy is an established and reputable company so you don’t have to worry about them going out of business.
  • Customer Support 24/7



  • GoDaddy Hosting is rather pricey in my opinion
  • GoDaddy GoCentral website builder has limitations as far as being customizable.
  • In the past, I have gotten frustrated with Customer Support because of lengthy hold times.

GoDaddy Domain Name Registration

GoDaddy makes it extremely easy to search for and register a domain name.  When you go to the GoDaddy homepage, you will see this search box.  Enter the domain name in the search box and VOILA, GoDaddy will let you know if that domain name is available.  At that point, you can purchase that domain or search for another one.  It is very simple to do!

One thing that I have to admit is that I have a bit of a domain name registering addiction.  I love thinking of new website ideas and seeing if my clever new domain name is available.  I get excited if the domain name is available and sometimes do end up purchasing it.  Needless to say, I am the proud owner of many domains.  I will not say how many because that is not the entire gist of this article.  ha!

Below is what the domain name search looks like on the home page of the GoDaddy website.

GoDaddy domain name search

I always purchase my domain names for 1 year at a time.  It is $11.99 per year.  2 years is normally the default in the GoDaddy check out so make sure to change it to 1 year in the checkout if you do indeed only want one year.

Domain names can be set up at the time of checkout to automatically renew.  I normally set mine to renew manually just so I can keep a close eye on my domain names.  It is possible to have registered a domain name and not end up using it.  So, in my opinion, it is good to manually check it at least on a yearly basis.

GoDaddy will e-mail you a notification when your domain name is about to expire.  Then, you will have ample time to log into your GoDaddy dashboard and review your domain names.

Make sure you never let your domain names expire if you are using them or still want them. If you have a website built on a domain that expired, you will not be able to access that website.  In any case, if your domain expires, you may be responsible to pay additional charges to get back.  It can sometimes cost as much as $80.  The moral of the story is …  don’t let your domain names expire if you want them!

It is a lot of fun to search for domain names.  It is exciting to think of ideas for a new business and then see what is available.  It is all about the simple pleasures in life.  Well, the nerdy side of me enjoys it immensely!

So, next let me share with you what I know about GoDaddy Hosting Services.

GoDaddy Hosting Services

Once you purchase a domain, you will need to have your domain hosted with a Hosting Service.  A Hosting Service is a web service that allows individuals or companies to have their website accessible via the world wide web.

A web hosting company such as GoDaddy provides space on a server and internet connectivity for the individual or company’s website. Websites are normally hosted in a data center.  The individual or company is charged a monthly fee for this hosting service.

Now, that I have explained what hosting is…  let’s talk about the GoDaddy Hosting Service and what they offer.

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

GoDaddy has a variety of hosting plans to meet your budget.  Their lowest cost web hosting plan is $5.99 month.  I personally only use WordPress websites so that monthly hosting service is $6.99 month.   GoDaddy’s Business Hosting is $19.99 month.



Wealthy Affiliate is the place that I use to setup my WordPress Websites and Hosting.   I find it to be the easiest way and by far the most economical.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and their pricing. 

I get 50 websites hosted for $47 per month at Wealthy Affiliate.



GoDaddy on their ProPlan hosts only 5 domains for $29.99 and this does not include complete training to build a business online like Wealthy Affiliate does.  I am just giving you the breakdown of the prices because you deserve to have all of the facts!


Below is the information regarding GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting Plans:

A great way to get started.

As low as
On sale – Save 30%
$9.99/mo when you renew

Get more visitors with an integrated SEO wizard.

As low as
On sale – Save 33%
$14.99/mo when you renew4

More websites. More storage. More security.

As low as
On sale – Save 35%
$19.99/mo when you renew

Pro 5+
For 5+ sites and packed with Pro features.

As low as
On sale – Save 25%
Same discount for term renewal

Now that you have an idea of the GoDaddy Hosting Plans, let’s talk about the GoDaddy Website Builder.


GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy has revamped their website builder and it is now called GoCentral.  Below is a useful video that I found talking about GoCentral so you can decide what you think for yourself!


GoDaddy GoCentral is getting some good reviews.  People claim that it is easy to set up and GoDaddy GoCentral is extremely easy to use.

I believe GoDaddy GoCentral is good for a newbie to set up a quick website but it is not as customizable as you might want moving forward on down the road.  So, for that reason, I do not recommend the GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder.

But, watch the video and see what you think anyway!


I especially love registering my domains at GoDaddy because I have been doing so for years and it is nice to keep track of them all in one place.  It is easy to do and super fun.

GoDaddy is great about sending out email reminders so you do not have to worry about your domains expiring without your knowledge.

I do find the Hosting to be a bit pricey.  I choose to use Wealthy Affiliate for my hosting needs for this reason.

I am not super thrilled about GoDaddy GoCentral because I am more on the experienced end and I like to be able to completely customize my websites.  Although, GoDaddy might be an option for a beginner, it is not my first choice.  Whichever option you choose, I would highly recommend using a WordPress website.

Please let me know what you think of GoDaddy, GoDaddy Hosting and GoDaddy Central in the comments below.  Have you used GoDaddy and if so, would you recommend it to a friend.  I love hearing your thoughts on this!

I respond to each and every one of your comments on a daily basis!

Until next time!

Lots of love and success!


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6 thoughts on “What Is GoDaddy? | Your Questions Answered!”

  1. Hi. That is great info about GoDaddy. I am similar to you, I have an addiction to search for a website name and imagine the business website. Recently I read that you can earn money by creating names, among others for website name on Paul Biveinis YouTube channel. Have you tried to do that?  

    • Melani,

      I did recently purchase a new domain (hence my addiction!) and after I purchased it, it said that it is worth $800 and asked me if I wanted to put it up for sale.  I have never tried selling one before though.  It is a tempting idea!


  2. Hi There, 

    Thank you for this comprehensive article!  I have one question, why do you think Go Daddy only has 3 stars? 

    I purchased quite a few domain registrations from Go Daddy over the years and I’ve found the system easily to manage. I would purchase from their again. 

    Thank you very much for your article!

    Have a great day!

    • Jade,

      I gave GoDaddy 3 stars because of their Hosting.  I have had issues with it.  But, I do still buy my domains there.  I like having them all in one place and GoDaddy sends me reminders when it is time to renew which I like.

      Thank you for your comment!


  3. Hello Alisha, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Godaddy is truly one of the most famous registrars for domain names and I am using it for years. I also like that prices are affordable but honestly hosting is not that good. I see many people complain about that too.

    • Daniel,

      Thank you for your comment.  I was not completely satisfied with GoDaddy hosting either.  Also, the WordPress Websites are cumbersome to install on their servers.  With Site Rubix, is is super easy to install WordPress on the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Servers.

      Best wishes!



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