Viral Pay | Is It A Scam? | Did I Get My $25 When Signing Up?

Viral Pay

Thank you for taking the time to read my Viral Pay | Is It A Scam?  | Did I get my $25 when signing up?

Watch as I sign up and I will show you step by step what happens!  I am going to give you my full honest review and perspective because I am honest.  Well, I am!

When you first click on the link for Viral Pay, it will direct you to another page called Viral Dollars.  I guess they changed the name.   Why did they change the name?  It looks suspicious I think.

They have a relatively nice home page that invites you to earn money by referring friends.  Well, this sounds easy enough but is it really?

A Sneak Peak Inside The Dashboard At What Viral Pay Promises

viral pay

I read the About Us page and it says that Viral Dollars, formerly Viral Pay was founded in 2018 to help avid social media users turn their usage into money.  They are claiming to want to help people change their lives.  Changing your life often times sounds good now doesn’t it?

But…  changing your life in what way?  Now, therein lies the question!  Let’s uncover more!


Next Step, Onto The Sign-Up!



Viral Pay

And, Then After Signing Up…

After clicking on the Sign Up button, I was taken to a simple sign up form where it asked me for my name, username and to enter a password.

After filling this out, it took me to the Viral Dollars dashboard which is red, white and blue possibly to create a patriotic feel perhaps.

Below is the pop-up that you will see on the Dashboard.  It gives me a personal link to share with my friends.   It says it pays $2 for every person who clicks the link and $10 when someone else signs up for a free account like I did.  How could this be?  Insert common sense here please.  🙂  This does sound too good to be true so my spidey senses are going off.

viral pay


After clicking on the OK button from the pop-up above, you can clearly see the Dashboard.  Under earnings on the right, you can see that it shows my $25.  Is this for real??  They promised to pay me $25 for signing up and I did.  This is a first promise.  Promises are never supposed to be broken.

viral pay

Who the heck is Sandra and why is she on Skype?

To the left of the Dashboard, it gives me an option to talk to a girl named Sandra via Skype for Customer Support.  You cannot click on anything to talk to her.  It simply says to Skype her at @viraldollars for fast support.  For one, opening Skype and searching for this Sandra person is not what I call fast support.  Who uses Skype for support?  Well, I guess the people at Viral Dollars do


And, For My Next Test To Get My $25 Dollars…

For my next test, I set up my payment method in which to receive payments.  I believe that trying to cash out my $25 is certainly a great way to test the Viral Dollars system, don’t you?  First I had to enter in a method in which to receive my payment.  Do not enter any personal account information here!  I do not trust them.  I chose to enter my Paypal email address.

I selected the Cash Out option.  A Certify Authenticity message pops up.  This might be to give an appearance of credibility.

viral pay

Request for $25 Denied!  It Can’t Be!

Well, guess what?  My request to get the $25 that I was promised for signing up was denied.  How shocking!  (denote sarcasm here!)

Viral pay

Obviously I am not going to send out the Viral Dollars link to my friends and family if I cannot even get out the $25 that was promised to me for signing up.  I maintain my credibility and I would never recommend something unless I believe in it myself.  Really!

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My Personal Opinion of Viral Dollars / Viral Pay From My Experience

Product Name:  Viral Dollars

formerly Viral Pay

Overall Ranking:  Not Good – Don’t Sign Up
0 to sign up but why…  just why!!
Owners:  who knows

Website:    Viral Dollars

Verdict:  I really do believe that Viral Pay / Viral Dollars is some sort  of data harvesting system where they are collecting data.  It sounds like they are collecting our data.  This is a very sneaky tactic and they are preying on people who need money or are looking for ways to make money online.  Read below for my further advice on how to truly make money online.

I would love hearing your feedback on this post and if you have tried Viral Dollars or Viral Pay for yourself.  What was your experience like?

I just love hearing from each and every one of you.  I respond to all comments every day.  I hope to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Viral Pay | Is It A Scam? | Did I Get My $25 When Signing Up?”

  1. or its previous name is a great liar, deceiver and fraud maker. My earnings of $4,278.00 was cancelled due to fraud stats. I emailed viralpay asking where is the proof of fraud stats, viralpay never responded and then lately, they changed viralpay to viraldollars. This not the number influencer network but the number 1 deceiver, scammer and liar!

    • I am so sorry that that happened to you. There are a lot of scams out there. If you want a real way to make money online, try a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and I will help you along the way. They are very honest people and it is a proven method. I used Wealthy Affiliate to create the site that you are on right now!

  2. You ant get the 25 without completeing task because if you could just sign up and cash out the 25 people would in fact scam the site and create accounts over and over cashing the 25


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