Tupperware MLM Review

Tupperware is also known as Tupperware Brands and while it’s very known for its great products – there’s much more to learn about the company itself. And that’s why, in this post, you’ll find:

  • What is Tupperware about?
  • Is Tupperware a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with Tupperware?
  • Is Tupperware a MLM?
  • Are Tupperware Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Tupperware?

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Tupperware has many happy customers and it’s a company that is very well known for its food storage containers.

Along with food storage containers, Tupperware Brands many other kitchen products. But what not many people know is that Tupperware also features an MLM program that almost anyone can join.

But do they really need an MLM program and is the company built solely around it? These are just some questions that we’ll answer down below – so keep on reading!

Tupperware Overview At-A-Glance

Company Name Tupperware
Company Logo Tupperware MLM Review Logo
Description MLM Company in the Kitchen Industry
Cost to Start $15 – minimum start-up fee to join their MLM program
CEO Miguel Fernandez
Website Tuppeware
Date Founded 1964
Reviews Tupperware Employee Reviews on Glassdoor
Scam or Legit Isn’t a scam but it over promises things
Recommend Not really if you don’t like sales and recruiting
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is Tupperware?

Tupperware is a well-established company that has been around since 1964 which is pretty amazing, right?

Everyone knows Tupperware. If not through their business – it’s most likely through one of their most popular products – a food container named after their business.

With the help of such a simple yet clever product, Tupperware took over the world and they’ve been doing business in over 100 countries all around the world.

Therefore, anyone who knows at least their most popular product would most likely go back and purchase another product.

But what not many people know is that Tupperware also helps others start their own business from home with the help of their company.

It’s an “offer” disguised in an MLM program and it really makes you wonder what else is there that not many people know about, right?

If you’ve never heard of MLM – there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll explain everything you need to know down below, and you’ll learn everything you didn’t know about Tupperware, so keep on reading!

What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?  Tupperware MLM Review Pyramid

Before we even jump into Tupperware and its relation to the MLM industry – let’s start with the MLM itself.

What is MLM? MLM stands for a multi-level marketing business model that is based on the program that customers or almost anyone can join.

With the help of these programs, members are able to earn a commission for promotion of a company’s products, but also for recruiting others into the company’s MLM program.

Oftentimes, these companies fall apart because everyone starts recruiting to earn a better commission and no one is selling. Even worse yet, some companies don’t even do their best to ensure the best possible quality of their products.

MLM is often referred to as a pyramid scheme, because, in many instances, MLM programs turn into money pyramid schemes because of the recruiting aspect.

We’re not saying that all MLM programs are bad – but because of the worst ones out there, people like you have to do a thorough search before taking the “opportunity” that’s offered by these companies.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. Not only you’ve learned what MLM is and how it works – but you’ll also learn more about Tupperware and their MLM program below!

Is Tupperware a Scam?

No one has time to waste – so let’s get this straight out of the way. Is Tupperware a scam?

Tupperware is one of the MLM companies that isn’t a scam and it’s not associated with any practices that should raise red flags.

However, it’s definitely not one of the 100% honest MLM companies out there. But judging by my Tupperware experience with their landing page, their MLM program tends to over promise things and make things look a lot easier than they are in practice.

And considering that all of this happens at the landing page where new potential members are making a decision whether to join their MLM program – we consider this to be a big problem.

Therefore, even though it’s not a 100% scam – you should be cautious. Keep on reading to find out why!

Can You Make Money with Tupperware?

The first thing people want to know about when they learn about Tupperware’s MLM program is if you can make money selling Tupperware online.

If you’ve read Tupperware’s landing page for their MLM program, you’d probably be eager to click on the join button.

But if you are lucky enough to be on the side where your emotions are still a bit in the middle – you did a great job at doing your research.

Tupperware is a well-known company that is well established and almost everyone knows about it.

And with an MLM program that isn’t only based on recruiting yet works well within a company that’s focusing on direct sale – in theory, you could make money by selling Tupperware products online.

However, we still believe that Tuppeware over promises things and makes things seem a lot easier than they actually are.

Is Tupperware an MLM?

By now, it’s pretty clear that Tuppereware is an MLM, and it might come as a surprise to some people – especially the long-term customers.

So yes, Tupperware is an MLM company that has an MLM program, and even though this probably wasn’t well-known before, now it definitely is.

Tupperware’s MLM program isn’t very expensive either in comparison to other MLM programs, and it’s pretty easy to join.

Are Tupperware Products Quality Products?

Tupperware is very well known for Tupperware food containers that are used all around the world right now.

It’s the simplicity mixed with quality that makes their products popular. It’s true that not all of their products were as popular as a couple of them – but we believe that Tupperware products are decent.

If you decide to sell Tupperware products – you won’t have a very hard time making sales. But still, we have to say one thing: don’t believe everything you read on landing pages of MLM programs!

What are the Pros and Cons of Tupperware?

Tupperware MLM Review Thumbs Up
Tupperware MLM Review Thumbs down
Well known products Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Wide range of kitchen products Overpromising MLM program introduction
Well-established brand Makes things look simpler than they are 

My Final Thoughts on Tupperware  Tupperware MLM Review my final thoughts

Tupperware really knows their marketing and the growth of their company over the past couple of decades is truly amazing.

However, the question still remains – is selling Tupperware worth it?

Since Tupperware really knows their marketing game, we’re wondering why are they making their MLM program sound so simple?

On the bright side, it’s a well-established company with at least one very popular product that is known world-wide.

However, you should still remember that it’s an MLM program which has some very high promises so you should carefully weigh your pros and cons.

We’re not the biggest fan of MLM programs for this reason – however, we’re a big fan of affiliate marketing.

And if you keep on reading, I’ll show you how to make a sustainable online business with the help of affiliate marketing without almost any investment at all – so stay tuned!

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Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Well known products
  • Wide range of kitchen products
  • Well-established brand


  • Multi-level Marketing Business Model
  • Overpromising MLM program introduction
  • Makes things look simpler than they are 

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