Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs 2020 | Can I Make Money Online?

Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs


In this article, I will show you the Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs.  Are you ready?  Let’s get started!

This article is a part of a series that I am doing entitled “Can I Make Money Online?”  In this series of articles, I will teach you the very best ways to make money online!

What is CBD Oil?

Let’s look at some interesting facts!

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) has become very popular and it is used to treat many ailments.  It is considered to be a natural remedy for pain, chronic pain and even anxiety.
  • CBD is one of the 104 chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Plant or Marijuana.
  • CBD does not contain any THC which is the psychoactive part of Marijuana.  That is the part that makes you high.  CBD is strictly the medical or healing part of the plant.
  • CBD Oil is claimed to be perfect for people looking for healing from pain or chronic pain without all of the mind altering effects of Marijuana.
  • CBD is made by extracting the CBD from the Cannabis Plant.  After extraction it is diluted with either coconut or Hemp Seed Oil.
  • CBD Oil is certainly becoming very popular.  A lot of states have legalized the use of it.  You must be careful though to find a high-quality CBD Oil where there is no risk or traces of THC.  You can get in trouble with the law for that.

I have heard some stories where a person’s CBD Oil was confiscated and tested at the police department.  If traces of THC are found, the person can get arrested or in trouble if it is not legalized in that state.

Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

A lot of people are wanting to jump on the bandwagon of selling CBD Oil.  We are going to discuss the Top CBD Oil Companies that you can make money with selling CBD Oil.

The below programs are NOT in order of preference!  CBD Oil Review


1.  Hempworx

Hempworx has a page on their website that describes the Hempworx Opportunity.

They say that they offer a business in a box.

This business in a box includes the following:

  • Business App
  • Starter Kit and Brochures
  • Back Office Tracking
  • Landing Pages

Hempworx is an MLM friends!

You can choose from a range of options to join basically from $39 to $599.  The price depends on the products that you choose for your package.

Hempworx says that they pay you 85% of the total business volume.  They also offer 10 levels of Jump Start Bonuses which I find to be very confusing.

They also offer an automobile allowance.

Hempworx is a MLM.  They seem to offer a lot but there is also a lot to understand.  I personally find it too confusing.  If you have an interest in CBD Oil, it may be worth looking into.

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2.  Joy Organics

Well, for starters, I like anything with “Organic” in the name.  It draws me in.

Joy Organics actually offers more of a true Affiliate Program.  You get paid a 25% commission by advertising them on your website.  You of course make money when someone purchases a Joy Organics product from your link.

You will need a website to promote Joy Organics CBD Oil.


two free websites button


You first need to apply before you promote Joy Organics on your website.  The application seems straightforward and you will also need to provide them with the name of your website.

I think that this opportunity is worth trying.  So far, I like it better than Hempworx.  You can make a commission selling Joy Organics on your own website which is great.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money and 25% is a very generous commission.

Another plus about Joy Organics

You can get paid as frequently as daily.  You can set up a direct deposit for Joy Organics to deposit funds into your bank account directly.  This is a great aspect definitely!

There is NO initial investment!  Yes!  That is what I am talking about!  That  is my kind of program!

Joy Organics is a TRUE Affiliate Program and not a MLM (Multi level Marketing or Pyramid)


3.  CBD Medic

Low and behold, CBD Medic also offers a true Affiliate Program!

They offer up to a 30% commission and it is easy to apply.

Instructions to Apply for the CBD Medic Affiliate Program in 4 simple steps.

  1. Register your Affiliate Account
  2. They will send you a link to your online marketing materials.  You can receive this on your Dashboard.
  3. Share your special link with your affiliate id on your social media pages and internet properties (websites).
  4. Earn up to 30% commission on each sale and get paid bi-weekly.

CBD Medic offers the following products:

  • Skincare – facecare, Eczema. Skin and Rash
  • Active Sports Relief
  • Back and neck
  • Foot
  • Muscle and Joint
  • Massage Therapy

CBD Medic seems to be another good CBD Oil program that offer a true Affiliate Program where you can advertise their products on your website and make up to a 30% commission.  Not bad!  That is very high for an Affiliate Commission!

So, here we have discussed some good ways to making money promoting CBD Oil through Affiliate Marketing.  Of course, now it will help you succeed in your endeavors if you learn about Affiliate Marketing.  You will also need a website to be able to promote products.  I am going to show you just how to master all of that in the next section!

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My #1 Choice for Making Money Online  make money selling cbd oil

Now, I am going to recommend to you my #1 one way to make money online.  You can most definitely make money through Affiliate Marketing.  But, to be able to make the money that you want to make online, you will need some training.  I am guessing that you would like to supplement your income or even take it a step further and replace your income at your current job.  The last option sounds the best, doesn’t it?  Some like to call it, firing your boss and becoming your own boss.  lol

Well, it does not have to be a dream and many people are making full time incomes online through Affiliate Marketing.  You will start by developing your own website.  You can do this for free below.  You do not need to know any coding and they will walk you through the process.


two free websites button


Below is a list of niches that you can choose for your website.  These are just some examples!

CBD Oil as mentioned in this article!

  • Fitness Equipment
  • Vegans
  • Skateboards
  • Working Out
  • Jogging

click here to watch the Choosing a Niche Video


If you are interested in becoming your own boss and making money online, I can show you how.  You can click the banner below with my picture on it to claim your Free Starter Membership to learn everything that you need to know to build your business online.


Can I Make Money Online


Once you sign up for a Free Starter Membership with NO Credit Card required, I will send you an email within the community to personally coach you!

There is no time like the present to change your life.  Mine has certainly changed!

What do you think of making money with CBD Oil?  What do you think of making money online through Affiliate Marketing?

Leave your comments below and I will respond to them on a daily basis!  I love hearing from my readers!




Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

8 thoughts on “Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs 2020 | Can I Make Money Online?”

  1. Where can we find a detailed explanation of Hempworx’  compensation plan? I’d like to see their compensation plan as I suspect this company is requiring marketers to spend own money for the monthly maintenance or monthly sales volume required to stay active. Because, in many MLM programs, you have to continuously spend or buy products from the company or else, you will forfeit all the team commissions that are actually due to you.

    I’m looking for good CBD Oil companies and I’m sure we can find more out there and not just these 3 companies. So, aside from these three Top CBD Oil companies, can you suggest of other CBD companies that are also as good as these ones that are listed?

    • Gomer,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Here is a more detailed explanation of Hempworx.

      Hempworx CBD Oil Review | Do You Have to Be High to Fall for This?

      I recommend the CBD Oil Companies that offer a true Affiliate Program with no monetary investment.  You can make a commission promoting their products on your website through Affiliate links.

      I do not recommend any Multi Level Marketing program or MLM.  A red flag that it is an MLM is if it costs you money to join and the want you to get other people to pay money to join.  Be aware.  

      For now, those are the only CBD Oils that I know about.  Check back because I do plan to fin more CBD Oil companies to review.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Best wishes to you!


  2. Thanks Alisha. This is a nice one. Very informative about how one can make money from selling cbd oil as am affiliate. Many times, I have heard of hempworx but this is detailed . their commissions are very juicy and I think I should try it. I’ll think about it though. I use cbd too so I know a thing or two about it which is a plus for me. Thanks again.

    • Henderson,

      Thank you for the comment!

      Yes, if you are a satisfied user of CBD Oil then you have a lot to write about!  You should go for it!

      I would definitely go for the programs with an Affiliate Program and not a Multi Level Marketing scheme!  I hate those!

      It is a great niche for sure.

      Best wishes to you!


  3. I actually just started a website where I will be selling CBD oil, so I am very happy that I came across this site.  I am always looking for new affiliate programs in my niche.  I’ve seen quite a few MLM CBD oil companies which I try to stay away from and just stick with the straight-up affiliates.  I’m going to check out those other two programs now and apply.  Do you know if they ship to Canada or just in the US?

    • Nicki,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I am not sure where they ship to.  You have picked a great niche and I am sure that you will do well!

      I have one Make Money Online and 2 niche sites through Wealthy Affiliate.

      I have to say that I love working on them everyday!

      Best wishes to you!


  4. Hi Alisha.   Thanks for providing some different CBD Oili affiliate program opportunities.   I’ve seen Hempworx in the past.  Yet, I was very turned off by it.   Not only do you have to purchase product in order to join their affiliate program, they spend more time discussing the ways you can make money getting other people to join.  The discussions about the products and their benefits was secondary.   Very minimal.     In other words, they are more concerned about getting more recruits than offering an awesome product  at a great price.   

    For some readers of your readers, it may be important to point out that CBD oil is NOT medical marijuana.    CBD oil can be sold in states where marijuana is not legal.  Marijuana is the form of cannabis that can get people high.   If I understand correctly, to purchase medical marijuana you have to go to a doctor to get approved for  from licensed dispensaries.    Or at least that is how it works in Colorado where I live.  

    So, these CBD oil affiliate programs that you are recommending are NOT promoting the use of medical marijuana.   Two different things.   

    • Sondra,

      Yes, thank you for your comment.

      I live in Texas and if the CBD oil has traces of THC, it can also be illegal.  Even though the CBD Oil may be advertised to not contain THC, if you get stopped by a cop, they still can confiscate it and test it.

      Thank you for pointing out the differences though.



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