Swagbucks Review 2020 | Can I Make Money Online?

Introduction to Swagbucks

In this article, we are going to discuss the Swagbucks Reviews 2020.  We are going to answer the question that you are probably wanting an answer to…  Can I Make Money Online with Swagbucks?

We will also take a look at what Customers are saying about Swagbucks.





Swagbucks Reviews – At A Glance

Product Name Swagbucks
Star Rating
Cost Free
Josef Gorowitz
Website Swagbucks
Reviews Customer Reviews of Swagbucks on Trustpilot


How does Swagbucks Work?

It is Free to join Swagbucks.  You can select the Join for Free button on their home page.  You can sign up with your Facebook account which makes it easy and quick.

There is also a helpful video that you can watch that gives you a good overview of Swagbucks.  Below is the video:

This video describes how Swagbucks works in just one minute.


What is so great about Swagbucks?

  • It is free to join.
  • It is easy to join.
  • You can earn free $5 to $25 gift cards.
  • You can redeem your gift cards at popular stores.


Where can you redeem your gift cards from Swagbucks?

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • and many more…


What are the ways you can earn with Swagbucks?

  • Taking Surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Searching the web
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games


What are some benefits of Swagbucks?

  • You can get free cards when you answer online surveys.
  • You can earn free gift cards when you watch movie trailers and videos.
  • You can get many cash back offers and gift cards from popular stores.


What does it look like after you sign up for Swagbucks?

After you sign up for Swagbucks with your Facebook account or with your email and unique password, you will see an entire page listing of offers once you log in.  I took a screenshot for you to see.  This is what it looks like within Swagbucks after you sign up.

Screenshot inside Swagbucks…


Swagbucks offers


How much are my Swagbucks worth?

You can keep track of your Swagbucks earnings in the upper right hand corner of your Swagbucks dashboard once you sign in.

300 Swagbucks EQUALS One Dollar ($)

okay, I bolded that and made the font bigger because this is extra important for you to know!

You can get your first gift card for as little as 300 Swagbucks.

300 Swagbucks would give you a $3 gift card!


How do you download the Swagbucks Browser Button for your browser?

Once you sign up for a Swagbucks account and log in, it will take you through a quick tutorial and ask you if you would like to download the Swagbucks brower button.

If you plan to try out Swagbucks, then definitely download the browser button.  It only takes a second and you can always remove it later if you change your mind.

This is what the browser button looks like.

Swagbucks browser extension


The button on the right is the Swagbucks browser button.


Can You Make Money Online with Swagbucks?

Now, we are going to answer the question that you all have been waiting for.

The answer is YES, you can make money online with Swagbucks.

The money-making process is very slow but your Swagbucks can add up depending on much you shop online.  You can also take surveys and watch videos which I do not recommend unless you have a lot of extra time on your hands.  Surveys and videos can be very time consuming, not to mention frustrating.


My Final Thoughts on Swagbucks

Swagbucks in my opinion is basically a rewards system for shopping online.  If you have time to clip coupon, then you will most likely have time for Swagbucks.  I look at both of them in the same way.

If you need to save a few bucks and you have the time on your hand, then for for it.  You have nothing to lose.

I felt excited when I first read about Swagbucks and watched the video on their homepage.  I personally do not have the time to send to save a few bucks here and there.  I am devoting most of my time to my business endeavors and I do not have the time to spare.

There are a lot of mixed reviews from Swagbucks customers on Trustpilot.

Read Swagbucks Reviews from Customers on Trustpilot

You can read this review and form your own opinion on Swagbucks and if you feel it is indeed worth your investment of time.

If I need to make a big purchase online, I would definitely check into it to see if I can save some money.

For small purchase, I probably would not be too concerned with it.

I look at Swagbucks as not so much about making money online but more about saving money when shopping online through Swagbucks dollars which to me are like coupons.


My #1 Choice to TRULY Make Money Online

My #1 choice to truly make money online is to make money through Affiliate Marketing.  I discovered a company called Wealthy Affiliate that taught me everything that I needed to know to build a business online and to make money online.

When you make money online through Affiliate Marketing, you can get paid through a check, direct deposit or Paypal.  Affiliate Marketing is a way of earning commissions by advertising other people’s products on your own website.

You can get your own 2 free websites to start working towards your goals of making money online right now.  You will also get free training on how to build your business online.

This is how I learned to build the website that you are currently on right now.  I am very proud of my website and I built it all with WordPress and some easy to use themes and tools.


two free websites button


Once you get your free websites, you can also get started learning how to make money online just like I did.

I am happy to help you along the way.  Once you set up your free starter account with no credit card required, I will email you within the Wealthy Affiliate community to offer my help.

I am always happy to help you!  Click the banner below to set up your free starter account with no credit card required.


Can I Make Money Online


What do you honestly think of Swagbucks?  Are you going to give them a try?  Are you interested in truly making money online?

Leave me a comment in the comments below.  I respond to each and every single comment on a daily basis!  I love hearing from my readers!

Lots of Love!


Read About Me if you want to 🙂

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Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

8 thoughts on “Swagbucks Review 2020 | Can I Make Money Online?”

  1. First, thanks for taking your time to do a review on this site. I’ve been a victim of most scam site and I don’t really love online business because of that. But from your post I’m having a rethink about it. It seem very easy from your description I must confess. I’d love to give it a try and hopefully give a testimony on it. 

    • Dane,

      I think that Swagbucks looks good as far as their cash back.

      I am not so sure about the part where you take surveys.  It seems too time consuming.

      I spend every ounce of my work time growing my websites at Wealthy Affiliate.

      🙂  Best wishes to you and much success!


  2. I have a friend who’s dedicated in working with Swagbucks, he’s boasting how easy it is to make money with that site, but I did not give-in to his invitation of joining the company as I am so much busy with my traditional business which is  pharmacy business. I think working in sites like Swagbucks are only for diligent people, those who got a lot of free time with their lives and for people who can patiently wait because, it does not pay big. It’s another legit company but the reality is, it doesn’t pay members big like others expect it to do.

    • Gomer,

      lol  Your comments make me smile.  🙂

      I think of Swagbucks as a good way of getting cash back on items that you are already purchasing but I don’t think of it as a job.

      You should tell him about Wealthy Affiliate.

      He might be interested in the training and in creating a niche website of his own.

      Best wishes to you.


  3. Great review of Swagbucks!  I have been a member of Swagbucks and found that I had to spend money to get anything decent.  The surveys and watching videos were hard!  Either they were long and not worth the time spend doing them or I would start one just to find out that I did not qualify for it.  I finally decided it was not worth spending that much time for a gift card.  

    Stick with Wealthy Affiliate!  It is definitely a great place to learn, create friendships as well as making a profit.

    • Karen,

      I do not mess with the surveys on Swagbucks.  You are right, they are so time consuming.

      Just like you, I choose to invest my time learning to grow my business online with Wealthy Affiliate!

      Thank you so much for your comment!


  4. Wow, this is really a good chance to save money while spending money. I used to think that swagbucks was a platform that is meant for taking surveys which I believe is Avery slow way to make money online. I think I’ll try swagbucks out. Not because of the fact that I can make little money from it but because I get to save some money while I shop because online shopping is one of my favourite ways to shop.

    • Henderson,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I do think that Swagbucks is good.  I use Rakuten and click through their site anytime I shop online.  You can get cash back that way too.  It is just up to your personal preference.

      If you shop online anyway, you might as well save money.  🙂



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