Hello, my name is Alisha and I am the owner of TwoFreeWebsites.com.  Thank you Two Free Websitesso much for  stopping by!  Below, I will share with you a little bit about me.  

I am a single Mom and I longed for a life where I could spend more quality time with my son.  I drained myself for many years working the 8 to 5 grind and the rest of my life only got the crumbs of my time.

I knew there had to be a better way of living my life and achieving my dreams.  Have you ever felt that way too?

I want to help you make money online by showing you what I have learned.  It took a lot of research and trial and error but I found a way to make money online and live a life of freedom!

I found a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

I followed their training and built my 2 free websites.  I now own 5 websites.  After much hard work and dedication…. now, I am a full-time Internet Entrepreneur.

Anyone who is determined and dedicated can do this regardless of your background.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I needed to know to build my online business and create a passive income through Affiliate Marketing.

There are over 4.2 billion people online.  Wouldn’t you like to learn to connect with these customers to make commission on products they are ALREADY buying?

I named my website TwoFreeWebsites because this whole journey for me started when I got my Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate and they gave me two free websites!

I want to share my experience with you and teach you how to build a business online so you can build a life that you love too!  As a bonus to the Free Starter Account, I will be here to coach you for free as well every step of the way.  My goal is to help you make money online too so you can live the life that you deserve!


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