Nu Skin MLM Review

You might have hundreds of questions about Nu Skin company and this article is all about Nu Skin – but here’s a quick list of everything you’ll find about Nu Skin in this article:

  • What is Nu Skin about?
  • Is Nu Skin a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with Nu Skin?
  • Is Nu Skin a MLM?
  • Are Nu Skin Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Nu Skin?

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Wouldn’t you agree that there are just too many skincare companies to choose from? That’s okay, everyone likes a wide range of choices when it comes down to skincare, right?

Not every product will fit everyone. But are you aware of skincare companies that provide their own marketing program as well?

Nu Skin is one of the companies – and while it might seem that there are too many MLM companies out there – they’re not all the same.

I’m not affiliated with Nu Skin in any way, but down below, you’ll find everything about it and I’ll do my best to write this review from my point of view so you can really understand whether you should join their program or not.

Nu Skin Overall Rating

Company Name Nu Skin
Company Logo nu skin logo
Description MLM Company in the Skincare Industry
Cost to Start $35 – minimum start-up fee to start as an affiliate
CEO Ritch N. Wood
Website Nu Skin
Date Founded 1984
Reviews Nu Skin Employee Reviews on Glassdoor
Scam or Legit It is considered a scam by media
Recommend Not really if you don’t like sales and recruiting
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin is a well-established company in the skincare industry. They develop and sell both skincare and dietary products.

Nu Skin is also known as a Pharmanex brand since they operate under both names – depending on the industry.

If you visit the Nu Skin website, you would see a bunch of attractive products. Nu Skin produces everything from moisturizers, masks, or even cosmetics – but they also produce beauty devices as well.

Its products are very well advertised, but the company itself is also known for its marketing program that they provide to their loyal customers.

But is Nu Skin a multi-level marketing company, are they even legit, and how good are their products?

These are just some of the things you’ll find out down below if you keep on reading!

What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?  MLM Pyramid

Since I’ve mentioned the possibility of Nu Skin being an MLM company – I think that it’s important enough that I explain what is an MLM and how it works, right?

If you are easily confused by MLM – just remember that it stands for multi-level marketing. But what is multi-level marketing, you might wonder?

It’s a business scheme that’s often introduced by companies that produce & sell products – regardless of the industry.

It’s a business scheme that is available to the customers of a company in order to become their partner, help spread awareness of the company, promote their products, and earn an income through commission rates.

Multi-level marketing is also often referred to as a pyramid scheme. The top layer is where the founder, CEO, and employees lay. Everything below is where the associates and partners come in place.

Customers are at the bottom. Therefore, if you are in the middle as their partner – the more customers you bring or the more people you recruit – the bigger the pyramid will be.

And what does this mean for you?

More money in commission.

MLM’s aren’t very a favorite business model since they are based on hard selling and recruiting. They also keep the interest of the company in the first place.

As I’ve mentioned earlier as well, every MLM model is different, so the question is – is Nu Skin a scam?

Is Nu Skin a Scam?  Nu Skin avoid the affiliate marketing scams

Nu Skin isn’t an absolute scam – but it’s true that their reputation isn’t the greatest.

It’s not actually their products that bring down their reputation – it’s their MLM scheme.

Nu Skin was all over the media explained as a company that exploits vulnerable people to help them increase the size of their company while partners weren’t not being able to get their return of investment.

It’s true that MLM is not everyone’s favorite business model – but it’s not a scam on itself. It also depends on the way the company shapes its MLM program as well.

So Nu Skin products aren’t a scam, their MLM program isn’t illegal – but it’s often considered as a scam and that people should be careful about the way they approach it.

But if you are able to make money with their program – it is not a scam, right?

Can You Make Money with Nu Skin?  Nu Skin Money

The real question here is – can you make money with Nu Skin?

Their MLM program can definitely make you money – but you shouldn’t only go after money. You should also ask yourself at what cost will you be earning this money and how sustainable the whole business model is?

A number one reason why Nu Skin is considered as a scam is because of their MLM. Their MLM program helps the company the most while the partners who are a part of their MLM pyramid aren’t always able to make money or even break even.

How come?

MLM requires you to be a very good salesman or a recruiter since everything is about selling more products or recruiting more people.

Is Nu Skin an MLM?

As you could’ve noticed by now – yes Nu Skin offers an MLM program that anyone can join.

But you shouldn’t forget that Nu Skin is a skincare company as well. Therefore, if you consider yourself skilled enough in the sales or recruiting department – you might be able to make some money by sharing your favorite Nu Skin products with others.

Are Nu Skin Products Quality Products?

Nu Skin has a range of quality skincare products and their products actually receive pretty great reviews.

Therefore, I believe that Nu Skin is really good at producing products that can actually help your skin, oral care, or hair.

So if you are looking into Nu Skin as a company to purchase products from – sure, there’s nothing wrong with it.

If you are wondering whether you should join their MLM business model – you should think twice about it, but at least you will know that the products you will be promoting are of good quality.

What are the Pros and Cons of Nu Skin?

Nu Skin MLM Review Thumbs Up Nu Skin MLM Review Thumbs down
Quality products Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Wide range of products MLM program puts their company first
Attractive product packaging Has a bad reputation as an MLM company
Having to sell & recruit at all times to make money

My Final Thoughts on Nu Skin  Nu Skin mlm review my final thoughts

Nu Skin offers some great products. While not all of their products might be great for you – there is a wide range to choose from and I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least two products you’ll love.

However, their MLM business scheme isn’t very promising, to be honest. It is not a scam since it is not illegal.

But the way they’ve conducted their business and the way they’ve treated their partners so far – it’s not very great.

Nu Skin MLM business model has a very bad reputation and even Nu Skin stock price went down once their reputation has been bashed by the media.

Do I think you can make a full-time income with Nu Skin MLM? Not really. You can supplement your income perhaps – but it’s probably best to be avoided.

Working on something of your own will help you know exactly what you got yourself into and you will know that the hard work you put into your own business will pay off.

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Nu Skin


Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Quality Products
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Attractive Product Packaging


  • Multi-level Marketing Business Model
  • Has a bad reputation as an MLM company
  • Having to sell & recruit at all times to make money

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