Neora MLM Review

You might have a lot of questions in your mind right now – so here’s a quick list of everything you will find in this complete guide.

  • What is Neora about?
  • Is Neora a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with Neora?
  • Is Neora a MLM?
  • Are Neora Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of  Neora?

With so many skincare companies out there offering an opportunity to earn by promoting their products – it’s important to know everything there is about the company.  This Neora MLM Review is the perfect place to find out the facts! And now that you’re reading this complete guide on Neora, I can assure you that you’re in the right place. Why? I am not affiliated with Neora, but in this post, you will find everything about Neora company – the good and bad so keep on reading!

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Neora Overall Rating

Company Name Neora
Description MLM Company in the Health and Wellness Industry
Cost to Start $49.95 – minimum cost to start as an affiliate
CEO Jeff Olson
Website Neora
Date Founded 2011
Reviews Neora Employee Reviews on Glassdoor
Scam or Legit Legit
Recommend No (unless you like sales and recruiting)
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is Neora?

Even though Neora, at first sight, looks like a company that produces skincare products – they’re actually a part of network marketing.

They’ve been established in 2011 by Jeff Olson who is well-known as a businessman, author, speaker on personal development.

Their products have received a lot of positive reviews by users, but even by the large magazines and newspapers such as Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Allure, and Shape.

And not only they offer quality products at reasonable prices – but they also offer their customers an opportunity to make money as their affiliate.

What does this mean?

You can become a part of Neora’s MLM network and earn commission by referring customers and products to Neora.

What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing and it’s often referred to as a pyramid structure. Why? Because it all starts from the top sellers who are selling products and are referring people to the company (which are below them when they start). The more sales a person makes and the more people they recruit, the higher they will be within the pyramid.

Still can’t picture this as a pyramid?

It’s simple. The way you make money is from everyone below you – this means the people you recommend the products to and people you recruit to work the same job you do. But isn’t the top of the pyramid very narrow? It is. And this exactly represents the MLM. There are only a couple of people at the top (founders) and as they recruit more people – these people widen the network along.

In the end, it all matters how many product referrals you can make and how many people you can recruit into the pyramid. 

Is Neora a Scam?

Neora isn’t a scam. But since it has its own MLM program – people might think it is a scam. Why? Because MLM isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and there is a lot of controversy going on whether MLM actually works. Neora is a quality company and its products are actually really helpful. Needless to say, all Neora products are FDA approved so they’re 100% safe.

Can You Make Money with Neora?

The MLM part of the Neora company isn’t a scam.  As long as you can make sales and recruit more people – you can earn money working independently for Neora. If you are good at selling products, attracting customers, and recruiting people – you can make money with Neora.

Not everyone finds this opportunity helpful though. Selling is a skill and not everyone is a good salesman. If you don’t like sales and selling products or recruiting people – Neora, unfortunately, might not be an ideal opportunity for you to make money.

On the bright side, I discuss an opportunity later in the post which doesn’t involve selling or recruiting in order to make money, so stay tuned!

Is Neora a MLM?

Yes, Neora is an MLM which stands for multi-level marketing. Even though Neora started out as a small company that produced quality products – they quickly expanded with the help of affiliates. Anyone can become their affiliate and earn money through their MLM program by recommending their products and recruiting people into their MLM network.

Are Neora Products Quality Products?

Neora offers quality products at reasonable prices which is good for both customers and the Neora MLM network. Why? If Neora products weren’t good enough – no one would be willing to use them on their skin which would result in a drop in sales. But you can rest assured that even if you give Neora products a try, that you won’t be disappointed.

After all, Neora stands behind the quality of their products and they offer a full refund within 30-days of purchase if you aren’t satisfied with their product.

What are the Pros and Cons of  Neora?

Neora MLM Review Thumbs Up Neora MLM Review Thumbs down
Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Quality products Trying to recruit and sell to friends and family
Full refund within 30 days Disguising an hard challenge as an easy way to make money
Attractive product packaging Having to sell & recruit constantly to make money

My Final Thoughts on Neora  Neora mlm review my final thoughts

Neora is a legit company that provides really helpful products. And if you become their customer – I am pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed.

However, if you are solely looking at Neora as a way to make some easy money – you might have a hard time.


Even though Neora disguises their MLM affiliate program as an opportunity where everyone can make money on their own terms, it’s a lot harder than they’re letting you know.

How come, you might wonder?

While making money on your own terms can sound exciting, you will have to improve your sales skills in order to make any money.

Neora MLM plan looks great on paper, but it takes a lot of hard work & skills before you can start making any money – and this is something they’re not talking about.

In my opinion, the worst thing is that you can be a hard worker, a quick learner, and a good salesman and you will make some money selling products.

But the people you recruit under you might not be as skilled and persistent as you are which might not provide you fair results in return.

Therefore, not only you will have to work a lot harder than the MLM network tells you – but you will also not be in a fair position with such business structure.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows – but this article isn’t over yet. On the bright side, I know about a way that you can build your own business online, starting for free, without having to sell anything or recruit anyone.

And do you want to hear the best part? It can be a business around something you’re passionate about instead of adapting to other existing businesses.

Sounds too good to be true? I’m sure you’re skeptical, but you don’t want to miss out on the rest of the article where I explain the details of this business model!

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Neora MLM


Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Quality Products
  • Full Refund Within 30 Days
  • Attractive Packaging


  • Challenging to Make Money with MLMs
  • Must Recruit Family and Friends
  • Must Constantly Sell to People

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