Monat MLM Review

Monat is a very popular company and there were times when you could hear about it almost daily (if you live in Canada), and you might have wondered what is so special about this company. In this article, you’ll find answers to all of your questions and here are some you can expect to find:

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  • What is Monat about?
  • Is Monat a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with Monat?
  • Is Monat a MLM?
  • Are Monat Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Monat?

At first, Monat might seem like another skincare company, but once you start hearing its name over and over – the chances are you’ll become very interested in testing some of their products.

One of the biggest reasons Monat became so popular is its MLM program that’s offered to anyone who’s willing to become a Monat partner.

But is this company legit or is it just another company that is worried only about achieving its goals and results?

I’m not associated or affiliated with Monat in any way – however, I had to share my thoughts on this and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the review below!

Monat Overall Rating

Company Name Monat
Company Logo monat mlm review logo
Description MLM Company in the Skincare Industry
Cost to Start $99 – minimum start-up fee to join the movement
CEO Ray Urdaneta
Website Monat
Date Founded 2014
Reviews Monat Employee Reviews on Glassdoor
Scam or Legit Most likely is a scam
Recommend Not really if you don’t like sales and recruiting
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is Monat?

Monat is a fairly new company that has been established in 2014 and it’s producing and selling skincare products.

If you visit Monat’s website, chances are you’ll find anything from skin oil, to hair, and even pet products.

On first sight, the company looks really legit and their products look very promising. But is there any truth behind their products?

If you’ve checked any Monat reviews so far, you might not have had a pleasant experience.

And chances are you’ve already heard about their MLM program since they recruited so many people in the last few years. After all, it’s also the first page on their website’s menu.

So can you trust Monat or should you stay away from them?

Keep on reading as that’s exactly what you’ll find out below!

What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?

It’s no secret that Monat offers MLM program anyone can join – but what exactly is MLM?

MLM stands for multi level marketing which is a type of a business that’s often incorporated by companies that manufacture physical products.

It’s often seen among health and skincare industries – but it can also be a part of any company out there.

But what is the purpose of an MLM? MLM is considered to be a pyramid scheme where a company partners up with almost anyone in hope to increase the awareness about the company, but also get help to promote their products.

People associate multi-level marketing with affiliate marketing, but these two business models are very different.

So what do you have to do as a partner of an MLM company?

You will have to promote products, make sales, and even recruit others who will do exactly the same thing you do.

Therefore, you can see how this forms a pyramid shape, right?

And as you could notice as well, MLM involves a lot of selling as you will earn revenue only in commission.

This is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea – but keep on reading to find out more about Monat products and its MLM program.

Is Monat a Scam?

Monat isn’t 100% a scam, but it’s most likely on the wrong side of things.


The company was established in 2014, and it has already had lawsuits involving negative side effects of their products.

In fact, you can also find a list of all Monat lawsuits so far. The most common lawsuit reason was the hair loss and hair thinning as a side effect of false advertising.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that even though Monat used to say that they’re FDA approved – they’re actually not and they only do their best to comply with FDA rules to produce safe products.

To take things further, their MLM program is definitely not beloved by MLM participants, which just adds fuel to the fire for Monat.

Can You Make Money with Monat? monat mlm review

Truth to be told, on the surface, Monat looks like a really solid company and their MLM program promises everyone to make money.

But can you actually make money with Monat?

The technical answer is yes – since they offer commission for every product you are able to sell.

However, how sustainable this “gig” can be is something else you should consider.

With the number of lawsuits Monat has had in the past couple of years, not only people will run away from Monat products – but you won’t even be able to recruit anyone who’d like to be associated with Monat as well.

Add to this a requirement to hard-sell people and recruit others all the time as a part of an MLM – I think that you will be having a hard time to make any decent & sustainable income with Monat.

Is Monat an MLM?

As you can tell by now – yes Monat is an MLM.

Anyone can join their program, it’s often reviewed by people affiliated with some of the most known MLM programs – and also, it’s the first page on Monat’s website menu.

Personally, I think that Monat focused way too much on their MLM program and growth of the company with the help of their MLM partners. It looks like an attempt to start a company around an MLM scheme to make a lot of money without worrying about customers or partners.

Are Monat Products Quality Products?

I’m not saying that all Monat products are bad, but Monat is notoriously known as a company that has been sued multiple times over very bad side effects of their hair products.

This doesn’t mean that all of their products are bad. However, some lawsuits suggested that Monat intentionally tried to hide some ingredients and has lied about possible side effects, portraying the products as 100% natural.

Therefore, even people who have never had a negative experience with any of their products decided to stay away.

After all, why pay for products and worry about the risks of using them?

What are the Pros and Cons of Monat?

Monat MLM Review Thumbs Up Monat MLM Review Thumbs down
Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Available pet products MLM program puts their company first
Wide range of products Has a bad reputation product reputation 
Attractive products Has been sued multiple times in a short period of time

My Final Thoughts on Monat  Monat mlm review my final thoughts

Monat is a pretty new company, has been sued multiple times in the past couple of years, and it looks like its products (or the whole company) can’t really be trusted.

I wish I could say everything nice about the company, but it doesn’t seem like there’s just one thing that’s wrong with the company.

Therefore, I’m not really sure if you can trust Monat as a company, its products, or even its MLM program.

Yes, technically, you can make some money by trying to sell their products. But do I think that it’s possible to make a sustainable income with Monat’s MLM program? I don’t.

If you’re a really good salesman, there are many better MLM programs you can join. But if you don’t like selling or don’t like recruiting – I will show you a better way to create an income stream down below!

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Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Available pet products
  • Wide array of products
  • Attractive products


  • Multi-level Marketing Business Model
  • MLM program puts their company first
  • Has been sued multiple times in a short period of time

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