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Welcome to my MakeUp Eraser Review.  In this Review, I am going to answer a lot of questions for you!  Good for you for being an informed consumer and business person.  You are certainly doing your homework.  Doing your research shows that you are a smart person that realizes that knowledge is power!  In this article, I am going to do my best to give you all of the information so you can make an informed decision!

  • Does MakeUp Eraser work?  makeup eraser
  • What is MakeUp Eraser?
  • Is MakeUp Eraser a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with MakeUp Eraser?
  • Is MakeUp Eraser a MLM?
  • What are the MakeUp Eraser Products?

I am not affiliated with Makeup Eraser.  I do think they have a good Affiliate Program though and I would consider it in the future.

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MakeUp Eraser Overall Rating

Company Name MakeUp Eraser
Star Rating
Cost to Start $20 for one MakeUp Eraser
Founders Daniel McCarthy, CEO; Elexsis McCarthy, Chief Operations Officer; Tanya Anderson, Chief Compliance Officer
MakeUp Eraser
Reviews MakeUp Eraser Customer Reviews on Trust Pilot

Does MakeUp Eraser work?

From all of the many Customer Reviews that I have read, I would say that the MakeUp Eraser DOES work.

Women claim that the MakeUp Eraser cleans off their makeup magically including lipstick and mascara.  It wipes your makeup off with just water.  No chemicals on your face.  And, it is friendly on the environment because the cloth is reusable, unlike regular makeup wipes.

People wanting to reduce their Carbon Footprint may want to consider MakeUp Eraser.

What is MakeUp Eraser?

MakeUp Eraser is a company that was founded in 2013.

Elexsis McCarthy is the brains behind the magical product called The Original MakeUp Eraser.  Elexsis founded the company in 2013  Elexsis discovered that she had invented a makeup remover that is gentle on skin and uses zero chemicals.  All that you need to wash off your makeup with the MakeUp Eraser Cloth is water!

Elexsis and her husband have always been entrepreneurs.  Before they founded MakeUp Eraser, they had careers in real estate. Elexsis and her husband have been married for 15 years.  They reside in Glendale, Arizona.  They have four children and two Boston Terriers.

How Was Makeup Eraser Invented?

Elexsis was given a robe to use by the pool. She started using the robe with water to take off her makeup. She was simply removing her makeup with just water and her robe. Every night, she would use a different section of her robe to remove her makeup… and then she realized!

She then cut her robe into smaller pieces and she started asking people close to her to try removing their makeup with it.   After a lot of testing and trying it out with friends and family, she realized that this was truly a solution to a chemical-free way of removing makeup.

Elexsis then started working on developing a softer and plusher material for this use.  She developed a perfect blend of antibacterial polyester that erased all signs of makeup with just water.  Elexsis patented the blend and named it The Original MakeUp Eraser.

The very first MakeUp Eraser was hand cut and sewn by Elexsis’s grandmother in her sewing room.  This happened in their hometown in Washington.  The company is still a family-oriented business.  The family is very hands-on with the business.  That was six years ago.  Now, the brand is worldwide and sells at some of the largest retailers in the world.

Is Makeup Eraser a Scam?

Makeup Eraser is not a scam and it is a real product.  The product now sells in popular retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Sephora.

Can You Make Money with Makeup Eraser?

Although Makeup Eraser did originally have an MLM opportunity, the opportunity has changed now that they are also sold in stores.  Anyone can go to the stores mentioned above and buy one.

Makeup Eraser does offer some other ways to make money.

Wholesale Opportunity

MakeupEraser does offer a wholesale opportunity.  You can purchase Makeup Erasers at a wholesale price and sell them in your retail store for retail price.  In turn, you keep the difference.

You can also purchase Makeup Erasers at a wholesale price by buying them six at a time. You can then make money by selling them to your friends at retail price.  You keep the profit.

Affiliate Opportunity

Makeup Eraser also offers an affiliate opportunity.  You can become an Affiliate promoting Makeup Eraser and earn a 20% commission.  You can promote Makeup Eraser on YouTube, Instagram, your website or blog, etc… once you fill out the application to join their Affiliate program and receive approval.

In my opinion, the Affiliate Marketing Program with Makeup Eraser is the best way to make money with them.  And, just keep reading and I am going to show you how to get your own blog and website to start promoting Makeup Eraser and ear a 20% commission.

I will show you how to promote other products on your website and earn a commission from those as well!

What are the Makeup Eraser Products?

The Makeup Eraser Cloth comes in a variety of different patterns and colors.  Other than that, you can also purchase a case for the Makeup Eraser.  Those are pretty much the only products.

My Final Thoughts on MakeUp Eraser

My Final Thoughts on Makeup Eraser

After extensive research, I do think that the MakeUp Eraser Cloth is a good product and a very clever one at that.  It appears to work well at removing makeup.  It could save you money since you do not have to keep buying makeup remover pads.

The best selling point of the MakeUp Eraser Cloth is that it is a chemical-free way to remove makeup.  I also love the fact that it improves your carbon footprint because you do not have to dispose of so many makeup remover pads as you do with traditional makeup remover pads.


How I Make Money Online!

I make money online by building websites and monetizing them.  I can promote various products on my websites by doing reviews for products and companies that have an Affiliate Program.  When someone clicks on the product link from my website and makes a purchase, I earn a commission.  This is how I make money online.  I do not have to interface or deal directly with any customers.  I do interact with them via my Blogs though!

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They offer a Free Starter Account where you can get your 2 Free Websites and Blog and give it a try.  With your Free Starter Account, you will also get 10 free video lessons to get you started building out your Beauty Blog (or whatever niche you choose)!

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  1. Yeah last year I bought so many make up remover  pad because I have not heard about  make up eraser then but when I heard about it this year I started using it and I love the product  infact that’s what we use in my family right now and if you use it you ll love  the way your skin reacts  to i love this post about it reminds me of getting new one soon thanks so much 

    • Rose,

      Well, that explains all of the great customer reviews on Makeup Eraser then!  Everyone seems to love it!

      I have not yet tried one but do plan to!

      I am glad that you found my Makeup Eraser Reviews to be useful!

      Thank you so much for your comment!


  2. I appreciate this review exposing the truth about a Makeup Eraser. It’s really wonderful to discover things that we can benefit from especially and particularly for women for this concern.

    I feel I am willing to promote this product if the MakeUp Eraser owner would allow men to be part of the endeavor.

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed my Makeup Eraser Reviews.  It is a good product with a ton of positive reviews.  They do have a good promotional program as well!  I am sure that a man could promote it as well.  

      The cloth also appears to remove dirt so it would also be a good way for a man to cleanse his face and pores.  I do not see why not.

      Thank you again for your comments!



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