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Want to start an Internet Business?  So, you have always dreamed of a financially independent life where you are free to TRAVEL where you want and LIVE where you want?  Well, haven’t we all?  Now, I definitely believe it is time to do something about it.  It is time to stop only dreaming about a life that you desire…  and time to take action to make that dream a reality.  I know that it is possible, don’t you?

One day, when cruising the internet and looking for ways to make this dream a reality….  I came across this company called Wealthy Affiliate that offers 2 free websites AND hosting.  Now, that offer in itself blew me away.  REALLY!  2 free websites and hosting….  that was a glorious moment! Finally, an easy way to get on-line and pursue my business ventures. Even the snow cone stand down the street has a website these days, right? It is time to get with the program!

I have always been interested in being a successful Internet Entrepreneur…  pardon my cliche’.  Well, in today’s modern day, that is actually a real job title, isn’t it?  I know people are making money with on-line businesses…..  why not me!?!  Yeah…..  why not me!!

So, here I go setting up my FREE website (and, yes, this is ONE of them) when I discover that Wealthy Affiliate has lots of on-line classes and specialized training on Making Money with Affiliate Marketing, Building Websites, Internet Entrepreneur Certification, and the list goes on…  At this point, I was not 100 percent sure what “Affiliate Marketing” even means but I DID KNOW that people are making money by doing it.  And, it is a work from home, flexible schedule type of gig.  Guess what?  Now, I am totally IN!


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2 thoughts on “Make Money from the Beach with Two Free Websites | Start Internet Business

  1. Hi Alisha I’ve just happened across your website while searching for Affiliate marketing I must say if I can ever sit on a beach like that while I’m working I’m all for it 🙂
    Seriously though I think Affiliate Marketing is the way to go and Wealthy Affiliate pushes all the right buttons as far as i can see, training, websites, help and support, in fact, everything.
    You have a lovely website, I enjoyed reading it, many thanks

    George 🙂

    1. Yes, you can sit on the beach and make money! The beach is my favorite place!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments. I am glad that you like my site. I plan to add to it each week. I really do enjoy all of this. Also, I whole heartedly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go!! 🙂 Stay in touch!!

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