Juuva MLM Review

In my Juuva Reviews 2020, we are going to answer the following question…  is Juuva a scam or is it legit?

We will also find out much much more about this Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM).  Is Juuva a good investment for you or is your money better invested elsewhere?

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Good job to you for doing your complete research on Juuva so you can make an educated decision!  That shows that you are a smart person who wants to make educated choices.  After all, knowledge is power!

I also want to mention that I am not affiliated with Juuva in any way.  This article is strictly based on my extensive research.  My job is to provide all of the information to you to help you in your decision-making process!

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Juuva Overview – Rating

Company Name Juuva USA, Inc
Star Rating
Founders Frankie Kiow and Grant Pace
Reviews Reviews of Juuva, USA, Inc on the Better Business Bureau Site

Introduction to Juuva

Juuva USA, Inc is a company that promotes health products through their Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing Program.  They claim to offer an opportunity to change people’s lives.

Juuva has been in business for 6 years.  Juuva is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. 

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level Marketing is also referred to as Pyramid Selling or Network Marketing.  The company promotes its products or services from a non-salaried workforce that sells the company’s products and services.  The commissions earned by the sellers for the company are made from a pyramid-shaped compensation and commission program.

Each Multi-level Marketing Company or Network Marketing Company normally has its own layered or leveled commission system.  To make money, the sellers need to sell products and also recruit others to do what they are doing which is to sell products and on and on.  Sellers earn a commission from the products that they sell and also a commission from products that their recruits sell.

MLMs have become illegal or restricted in certain areas.

About Juuva Products

Juuva offers a variety of Health and Wellness products.  Let me share with you some of their product offering:

Allwater – Energy stick and Allwater drops.




Anion Emitter – Helps you combat free radicals, enhances your immune system, boosts alertness and increases work productivity.

Biointense – Anti-aging skincare that diminishes the signs of aging.

Cation Shield – Attaches to an electronic device and protects you from magnetic fields.

Energy Stick – Energy stick and Allwater drops.

Energy Pitcher C7 – A pitcher than filters, alkalizes, ionizes, magnetizes and energizes water.

Galaxy – An all-natural liquid nutritional supplement:  27 bioactive components and 13 fruits.

Megalean – Full meal replacement shake

Nuthrag – on the go whole plant green drink

Live – Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes and energy packet.

Rejuv – Crash free, jitter-free energy capsules

Trusilvr – Helps support your immune system.

Trusilvr Gel – Helps support your immune system – topical.

Zing – Packets that give you a blast of healthy energy.


Juuva certainly does have an interesting line of products that are enticing.  I am very interested in the health and fitness realm.

It looks like the Juuva products are good products and they actually do work for a lot of people according to the reviews.  You might want to give them a try and you be the judge.

What is the Juuva MLM?  is juuva a scam

Juuva offers a MLM or Network Marketing plan that they call the Prosperity Plan.  The Prosperity Plan offers a layered commission structure based on layers of sales volume and people that you recruit.

To enroll online, you need to have the User ID or the username of the person that referred you to the site.  That would be a Distributor.

I am not a supporter of MLMs and I always find the commission structures to be confusing.  In my opinion, this may be by design.

As a Juuva Distributor, you would be selling products and also recruiting a Team of people to also sell products and recruit.

Can You Make Money with Juuva?

I think it is possible to make money at almost anything if you put forth enough effort and work hard at it.  It is probably less likely to make a full-time income.  They do write on their website about making a part-time income which is realistic and honest and I do like that.

Further down in this article, I will show you how what I think is a better way to make a part-time or full-time income and how I learned to make money online.

My Final Thoughts on Juuva  My Final Thoughts on Juuva

I think that Juuva has some very interesting products.  I am interested in the Health and Wellness industry so the products are certainly intriguing.  I believe the products are worth trying.

I do not support Multi-Level Marketing Plans because I believe there are much more dependable ways to make money which I will show you.

Take the information that you learned in this article an make your own informed decision.

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4 thoughts on “Juuva MLM Review”

  1. Reading upon your article, it’s hard to say if Juuva is legit or a scam?! To me not having a BBB review makes me question if it is a scam…But they do sell products, as long as it gets to the customers. I could see it being a legit buisness. So overall I’m stuck on which if the buisness is legit or a scam?! Very good article, you got me in a pickle.. Great article, keep up with the good work.. Best of luck!

    • Genia,

      Not be registered with the BBB is concerning for me a well.  They are a legit company but just proceed with caution as you should with any venture.

      But, they do have actual products which is a good sign.

      I am so glad that you liked the article.


  2. Good and thorough review about Juuva I would say! Sounds pretty concerning for me, too much red flags. I used almost thousand bucks for similar MLM platforms like this before started blogging and affilliate marketing. However thanks for good review! I bookmarked your site for further use and going to take a look at other articles on your site.

    • Thank you for the positive comment!  I am so glad that you found my review to be useful.

      Yes, I am very cautious as well when it comes to MLMs.

      I post 3-5 new articles per week.  Thank you in advance for checking back!



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