Jeunesse Global MLM Review

In this article, we will find out the answer to this question…  is Jeunesse Global a Scam?  We will give an overview of the company and also discuss the Jeunesse Global Lawsuits that have taken place.

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Company Name Jeunesse Global
Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis
Jeunesse Global
Reviews Jeunesse Global Reviews on Trust Pilot

What is Jeunesse Global?

The Jeunesse Global Headquarters is a 70,000 square foot facility and is located in Lake Mary, Florida.

Jeunesse Global is a Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing Company that claims to be on a mission to positively impact the world.  They want to help people look and feel young.  Jeunesse offers skin care and nutritional products.  The products are made exclusively in the United States for Jeunesse.

Jeunesse Global was founded on September 9, 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Jeunesse Global set out on a mission to not only offer quality skincare and nutritional products but also to offer a Direct Sales business opportunity to people who wish to promote their products.

I just want to state that I am in no way affiliated with Jeunesse Global and its products or business opportunity.  I just wanted to bring you the information so you can make an informed decision about how to invest your money.

Towards the end of the article, I will show you how I learned to make money online.

Jeunesse Global Lawsuits

There was a fourth Jeunesse Global Pyramid Scam lawsuit filed.  There have been four in total just since 2016.

The four class-action lawsuits allegedly accused Jeunesse as being a Pyramid Scheme.

One of the main allegations against Jeunesse was that they made unrealistic financial promises to their distributors of making millions per year.

The allegations from the lawsuit also accused the Jeunesse Products as being a complete scam and not providing any of the benefits advertised.

The lawsuit of 2015 accused Jeunesse of making deceptive income claims.


Learn More About Jeunesse Global Products

As mentioned previously, Jeunesse offers a variety of nutritional and skincare products.

They call their collection of products the Y.E.S. System which stands for Youth Enhancement System.  The Y.E.S. system is claimed to be synergistic blend of skincare and supplements.


Jeunesse Global Products

The Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System claims to keep you young in these nine vital ways:


The Luminesce anti-aging skincare line says that it restores youthful vitality.  It also says that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Reserve is a blend of superfruits containing antioxidants that work together as a defense against free radical damage.


Instantly Ageless claims to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores within two minutes.


Finiti contains a unique blend of ingredients.   It contains a unique combination of fruit and vegetable extracts.


AM Essentials contains essential vitamins, key minerals and proprietary blends to help slow down aging and to increase energy and improve mood.

PM Essentials is a restorative formula containing key nutrients and proprietary blends that battle against premature aging and to prepare a person’s body for a restful sleep.


The Zen Bodi system curbs appetite burns fat and aid with building muscle.


Nevo features real fruit juices, Nevo contains only 50 calories per can.   No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.


This is formulated with the Jeunesse-exclusive APT-200, NV and it includes a skin-nourishing foundation, primer and bronzer.


This product claims to be inspired by Eastern medicine… This is a supplement.

Is Jeunesse a Good Business Opportunity?

I typically do not support Multi-level Marketing plans.  But, I am not adverse to all of them.

By reading the information on the surface, Jeunesse sounds good.  But, taking the lawsuits into account, I would not recommend this MLM.

I believe that a person can make money at most things if they put in enough effort.

My Final Thoughts on Jeunesse Global  My Final Thoughts on Jeunesse Global

I am not a fan of Multi-Level Marketing Plans.  I am just not.  I know there are better ways to make money.

The products look inviting but I do not like to buy products where they want me to buy something every month.  I still buy my products at the drug store and they work just fine.

The lawsuits against Jeunesse are also concerning.  Lawsuits happen for a reason.

It is your decision whether or not you want to give Jeunesse a try.  My goal is to give you information because information is power.

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Jeunesse Global


Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Products look inviting.


  • Multi Level Marketing Business Model
  • Lawsuits filed against them.
  • Might be a challenge to make money.

Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

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12 thoughts on “Jeunesse Global MLM Review”

  1. Its really not safe to be a part of Jeunesse, why? Because 4 lawsuits isn’t something that can be neglected, this shows there is something wrong about the product. Also as you’ve said, it’s an MLM which is not a favourable model of business to invest in. like the fact that they make good and useful products but their means of providing earnings for people isn’t a good one.

    • Andrea,

      Yes, the lawsuits are definitely concerning.  This is something that a person should always watch out for with MLMs.  You should also make sure the company has viable and marketable products.

      I am not a fan of MLMs either.  It is not the best way to make money.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a way for my readers to make money online!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Best wishes!


  2. When this jeunesse platfo started rolling up in the air, I was outrightly sure that it was not a good one because there was something fishy about it. When I did my research, I saw that it had law suit upon another so this says that your claims here is not a lie at all. Over after that, I decided not to join and this is one of the reasons why I do not like mlm. Well, it’s good that your review is truthful. Wealthy affiliate is a better option and that’s the option that I am currently on right now. This is a very good post.

    • Henderson,

      You can always depend on my Reviews to be truthful and genuine.  I do extensive research on each one.  I genuinely care about my readers and I want to bring them truth and honesty in these reviews!

      Jeunesse does have a lawsuit against them which is a cause for concern.  I am not a fan of MLMs regardless.

      You are right!  Wealthy Affiliate is a viable and dependable way to make money online.  It works!

      Best wishes to you always!


  3. I hate to hear that companies are sued or they had about 4 lawsuits, this alone makes it visible enough that something is shady some where. It’s products are not bad and they are said to be effective. Marketers should be careful of this kind of offer because It likely to have there money in a bad business, promoting for MLM companies is a bad idea.

    • I am definitely not a fan of MLMs but I like to review them to bring the honest truth to my readers.

      MLMs are a red flag already but the lawsuits are just additional red flags.

      I do not recommend MLMs.  If you do want to pursue an MLM, make sure they have quality products and no lawsuits!

      Best wishes!  Thank you so much for your comment!


  4. Whenever an MLM gets in trouble with a lawsuit, it’s time to take a step back to evaluate what the company is really offering to the customers and their consultants. It’s not just about the reputation but where your money and time are at stakes. Almost every MLM company that I’ve come across has some kind of big promises that blows smokes which makes you think money even before you have a plan. 

    • Cathy,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

      Yes, it is definitely a concern when a company has a lawsuit against them, especially multiple lawsuits.  I am very cautious about Multi-Level Marketing Companies already.  

      My top choice for making money is to build your own business online.  I learned how to make money online at Wealthy Affiliate which I recommend to all of my readers.

      Best wishes to you!


  5. Well, I had already read one review about this same platform before deciding to come here. I am not really surprised that it is getting a very low rating from you. I guess the real reason for this is the lawsuits after lawsuits that has been tagged with the company. I feel this is enough reason for people to stay away from it. Your review is very nice. Keep up the good work.

    • John,

      I am glad that you found my Jeunesse Global Review to be useful!

      I am not a fan of MLMs already and of course the lawsuits are a big concern for me.

      I don’t recommend this company for this reason.  It is important for me to always bring the truth to my readers!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Best wishes!


  6. Hi Alisha, 

    Thanks for providing this overview of Jeunesse Global, I’m always a little bit sceptical about MLM business opportunities. The fact that there are Pyramid Scam lawsuits being filed, leaves me feeling very uneasy about giving them money. Law suits and any mention of pyramid schemes sets off massive red light warnings for me.

    Do you know how much it costs to get involved with Jeunesse Global? I imagine it isn’t cheap either as most MLM business opps are quite costly to enter.

    • Nate,

      Thank you for your comment!  Yes, you are correct.  MLMs are already a concern and lawsuits on top of that are big red flags.  You are smart to be cautious.

      It costs $29.95 up front to pay fr admin costs for your own personal website.  After that, you must sell enough products to reach 100 CV points.  Confusing, I know.

      From all of the info, I do not recommend MLMs as a way to make money.

      Best wishes!



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