IFA MLM Review

IFA stands for Independent Field Advertiser and it’s one of the companies that not many people know about at first. However, it’s a bit trickier to even find out what it is they do once you visit their website. However, in this post, you’ll find everything about IFA, including:

  • What is IFA about?
  • Is IFA a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with IFA?
  • Is IFA a MLM?
  • Are IFA Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of IFA?

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So what is IFA and what is it they do? IFA is a network marketing division which represents Clientele Life, one of the well-known companies in the South African financial services sector.

We believe that this still might not be enough for you to know exactly what you’re getting into.

But let’s put it this way. If you know a thing or two about MLM, you’d know that MLM is almost always around beauty, cosmetic, and health lifestyle companies.

However, it looks like MLM reached a whole new industry, and it’s the IFA – a company that seems like a company that’s designed to work around an MLM model to represent another company.

Sounds shady, but let’s not jump to conclusions. Instead, keep on reading to find out more about the company, their work, and their MLM program!

IFA Overview At-A-Glance

Company Name IFA (Independent Field Advertiser)
Company Logo ifa mlm review logo
Description MLM Company in the Finances Industry
Cost to Start Not specified (but it’s specified to be a believer)
CEO Heinrich von Nathusius
Website IFA
Date Founded Unknown
Reviews IFA Employee Reviews on Glassdoor
Scam or Legit Is on the border of being a scam
Recommend Not really if you don’t like sales and recruiting
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is IFA?

You’ve probably never heard of IFA and even its full name (Independent Field Adviser)  doesn’t tell you much about the company.

The reason for this is the company’s location which is South Africa and even though its “opportunity” is available for almost everyone – it’s mostly aimed at South African citizens.

It’s a company that deals with insurance, legal plans, wealth plans, funeral plans, hospital plus plans, and more.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies just like this one. However, chances are that IFA caught your eye for one reason – their MLM program known as “become an IFA”.

We know that you’re already seeing yourself selling insurance and being a salesman – and by the looks of it, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, however, without being an official employee.

That doesn’t sound very attractive but some people might still be considering it, so that’s why in this post, you’ll find out everything you need about IFA before you make up your mind!

What is Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?  ifa MLM Review Pyramid

We’ve mentioned the possibility of IFA being an MLM company, but what is MLM after all?

It’s another short name that might scare you away, but don’t worry! It’s very simple to understand.

MLM stands for multi-level marketing which is a business model that’s very popular nowadays. If you’ve ever been “given” the “opportunity” by someone to create your own business, work your own hours, or stay at home and work from home – you’ve most likely been pitched an MLM program.

MLM programs are a part of this business model where a company allows almost anyone to join their program and awards them in commission after successfully promoting & selling company’s products / or recruiting other members into the program.

On the surface, MLM sounds very attractive and it seems like it’s full of perks. However, it’s definitely not and down below – you’ll find out why and yet we’ll use the IFA MLM program as an example, so keep on reading!

Is IFA a Scam?

No one likes scams and yet there are so many out there. Many people are being too cautious to the point where they’re missing actual opportunities and yet some people are still unaware of scams that they’re easily falling for everything they read online.

So let’s get straight into it – is IFA a scam?

It’s not considered as a 100% scam you should avoid – but we’ve noticed a couple of factors that can be referred to as red flags when it comes down to the MLM business model.

IFA seems to over promise things with the help of testimonials and great landing pages.

IFA pays its members to recruit others and it seems to affect their MLM program to the point where it will get declared as a pyramid scheme at one point in the future.

Therefore, it’s not a 100% scam – but it’s best to be avoided since you won’t only lose your time, but you’ll also lose the opportunity to experience success with another business model.

Can You Make Money with IFA?

Alright, IFA isn’t a 100% scam, so can you make at least a little bit of money by joining IFA’s MLM program?

We believe that it’s very hard to make any money with IFA’s MLM program.

There’s a lot of hard selling going out, and since there is no physical product – the things are even harder.

Not to mention that you will also have to recruit others into IFA’s MLM program in order to make money.

This only increases the bubble that can burst out at any time. It’s possible that some of the first people who’ve joined IFA’s MLM program are making some money – but the real question is, until when?

It’s definitely not a sustainable business model, and if you’re just looking for a side income – there are many better ways to achieve it (see the bottom of the article).

Is IFA an MLM?

It’s pretty clear that IFA is an MLM. You might have heard about it from others, or you might have come across their “opportunity” landing page where you won’t find “believe” one time, but at least 3 times.

Explaining an MLM program by telling people to have faith and believe is definitely not a great start of a business and it’s a very transparent way of selling hope.

But yes, IFA has an MLM program that is based in South Africa, and yet it’s expanding and accepting everyone around the world (with a couple of requirements).

Are IFA Products Quality Products?

Since IFA represents a well-known insurance company in South Africa – we believe that the products (services) they use to advertise through MLM programs are valuable.

Insurance and health plans have been around for ages and they’re not going anywhere. And while we believe that the products shouldn’t be worrying you – you shouldn’t stop doubting their MLM program.


Considering that the whole new company (IFA) has been built around another company’s service and is using the MLM program – this can be a red flag to someone who has a lot of experience with MLM.

What are the Pros and Cons of IFA?

IFA MLM Review Thumbs Up IFA MLM Review Thumbs down
Ability for anyone around the world to join Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Wide range of services Over-promising their MLM “opportunity”
Is based around a well-established brand Red flags about the way they use MLM model

My Final Thoughts on IFA  IFA MLM Review my final thoughts

If you’re not based in South Africa, joining IFA is still possible but there are plenty of requirements you would have to meet.

But if IFA is very accessible to you – we still recommend you to be cautious.

The whole company setup, lack of information, using the words “believe” and “faith” to get people to join their MLM program is definitely worrying and raises some red flags.

Even though the product (service) doesn’t seem to be bad – there’s much more to consider before joining an MLM program.

We aren’t big fans of MLM since about 80% of them aren’t working in the equal favor of both the company and the members.

But if you’re interested in affiliate marketing and how to start a sustainable online business with a very minimal cost – keep on reading as that’s exactly what I’ll show you!

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IFA - Independent Field Advisor

Not Specified

Product Quality


Customer Support


Profitable to Join



  • Ability for anyone around the world to join
  • Wide range of services
  • Is based around a well-established brand


  • Multi-level Marketing Business Model
  • Over-promising their MLM “opportunity”
  • Red flags about the way they use MLM model

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