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In this article, I am going to give you some quick and easy tips and helpful links on how to build a business online.

This page is devoted to giving you quick tips and Insider Info to help you get your two free websites up and running and how to build a business online.  This is the absolute best way to build a full-time income from the comfort of your own home and computer!  You can do this in your pajamas if you want to!

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Understanding the Basics of Affiliate Marketing.

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Building a business online certainly does take hard work and dedication.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.   But, the truth is that anyone can do it with the right attitude, ambition and devotion.  The above links will show you everything that you need to build a business online.  Feel free to explore these links. Here, you will find out all of the information that you need on how to build a website free and make money online.

As a first step, I would suggest, getting your 2 Free Websites.

No credit card is required to get your 2 free websites, hosting and to get training from the experts on how to do all of this.  It is absolutely possible to make a full time income online and even more money than you ever imagined making.  It is so freeing to be in control of your own future.  Don’t let someone else control your own future.  You really do not have to.  It is all up to you.  The choice is yours!

I left my full-time 8 to 5 Information Technology job and started building my business online full time.  I am so happy about that decision.  I did not realize it at the time but my 8 to 5 office job was wearing on me and killing me slowly.  I woke up every day and felt like I was in Ground Hog Day.  Do you remember that movie with Bill Murray!?  That is one of my all time favorite movies but I do not want to live that life!

I have been working on building the website that you are on since 2015 when I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

While working at my regular Information Technology job, I would develop my website and work though the Wealthy Affiliate training task by task on my one hour lunch breaks.  I did not even get the luxury of doing this every single day.  So, needless to say, it was a VERY slow process!

I do have several websites that I developed through Wealthy Affiliate but I decided to focus on this website that you are currently on.  I decided this because I believe in Wealthy Affiliate so much.  Therefore, I wanted to share the opportunity with others how to build an online business for yourself and to build a life that you love.  Why not?  It is your life after all!

I used the free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate for a while and then I decided to upgrade to a Premium Account which enables me to do so much more.  With a Premium Account, I get 50 websites, hosting, unlimited training and even live training.   The live training is every Friday night and it is so great to watch an internet expert in action.  Jay, who does the webinars, will even show you what he does on his own profitable websites step by step.  This is such personal training that you will not get anywhere else.  One of my favorite live webinars is what Jay shows what his Search Engine Optimization blueprint for his posts.  This is a process that he follows to get higher rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  I learn so much from this personal training and I implement it with my own posts.  I have seen incredible results!

Get Your Starter Membership

You can also choose from literally millions of different niches.  I suggest picking a niche that you are passionate about so you will stick with it and enjoy writing about it each day.  I chose to gear my website around helping others build a business online since this is what I love to do.  Hopefully, you will find this page and discover quickly what I have found through years of searching for my true passion.  I am on a wonderful path right now and very thankful for that path.