How To Avoid The Affiliate Marketing Scams

How to avoid the affiliate marketing scams

In this blog, I am going to share with you the 4 best ways that I have found on how to avoid the Affiliate Marketing Scams. There are many companies out there trying to get you to sign up for something just to make money from you. It makes sense to use your wisdom in these circumstances and take the time to find a company that is genuinely trying to help YOU succeed and reach your goals!  Why waste your valuable time with anything else?

It is important to understand these 4 points when trying to avoid the Affiliate Marketing Scams.  Keep reading to find out what these 4 points are.  You will be so glad that you did!



There is a lot to be said for a “gut instinct” about something.  Most of the time, these gut instincts turn out to be correct when we look back on them.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  A gut instinct can be a God-given intuition about something.  You would be smart to follow your gut and heed these warnings.  Your intuition just might be telling you something.

how to avoid the affiliate marketing scams

This not only applies to Affiliate Marketing but it applies to everything in life.  Don’t you think so?  What are your thoughts and views on this?



There is that saying that says “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  Well, I definitely believe in reaching for your dreams but I also believe in checking out all of the facts before investing your valuable time and/or money in something.  You time is valuable and it is certainly worth your time to do your homework and do some research to check out the facts.  Building a successful business online takes hard work and dedication.  Avoid the affiliate marketing scams by knowing this.

There are over 3.2 billion people on the internet.  This is a huge amount of people to potentially reach.  That is a fact.  But, there is an art and a science to letting these people know where to find your website.  I learned all of my traffic driving techniques from Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate University is free to join and there is no credit card required to sign up.  I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  That  is why I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate University in the first place!



Any company that promises you that you will you will get rich overnight is lying.  Any business including Affiliate Marketing requires dedication, time and perseverance.  It is worth the effort that you put forth.  Over time and work, it is more than possible to develop a lucrative full-time on-line business with Affiliate Marketing.  If a company tells you that if you invest tonight, you will be rich tomorrow, you might just want to run the other way!  A genuine Affiliate Marketing company will let you know up front that it takes time and dedication.

avoid the affiliate marketing scams

The greatest thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can earn while you learn.  That means that you can start making money through Affiliate Marketing while you are training and learning about it.  That is exciting, right?  I thought so!



Check the track record of the company before you sign up for anything or again waste your valuable precious time.  Is the company established and how long have they been in business?  Do they have a positive history of paying out commissions that they promised?  Perhaps talk to someone that is already a member or someone that is already working with them or following their training.  These are some important questions to get answered.  Do they let you try it out with no credit card required or are they trying immediately to get your credit card info?

I am not impressed with any company that asks for my credit card up up front before they even show me what they are offering and how it can benefit me.  This does not make sense and it shows that they may not have much to offer after all.



I have done a lot of research and in the beginning, I was just looking for a good solid definition of what Affiliate Marketing even is.  During that extensive research, I was blessed to find Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me everything that I need to know about Affiliate Marketing.  Not only did they teach me what Affiliate Marketing is, but, they also provide Bootcamp Style Training where I can build out my website as I follow the Training.  And, I can earn while I learn and make money while I train.  You cannot beat that.

wealthy affiliate

In this training, you will completely learn how to build a business online.  You can choose different pathways within the training such as developing a website around a specific niche that you or passionate about or even promoting Wealthy Affiliate and their awesome training.  Either way, don’t forget that you can earn while you learn.  Each section of the training is lined out in such a way that you will be building out your very own profit ready website task by task as you go.

In fact, this website that you are on right now is one of my Two Free Websites that I developed for free through Wealthy Affiliate when I first started out.  And, I am building out this website as I progress through my training/  Wealthy Affiliate gives you all of the tools that you need to develop an awesome money-making website.  Just follow their training and you can do this too!  Being an Internet Entrepreneur is my passion and Wealthy Affiliate gives me all of the tools that I need to reach my dreams!

Do you have comments or questions on this post?  If you do, please leave a comment for me below.  I love hearing from you and I always respond to comments each and every single day.




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Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

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  1. Some really great advice here. I already joined Wealthy Affiliate actually and have to agree with you that they are really good. Certainly gave my online business a kick start that it needed.

    • That is great! You made a smart choice! I love WA and I enjoy building money-making websites. We have a wonderful future here. 🙂

  2. I like your pointers here, these days one need to be very careful to avoid all these scams. I even promised myself never to buy into a product without free trial or atleast money back guaranty, just to stay safe. I ended up at WA because it offered free trial, and today i am glad to still be a member as it really delivers.

    • Yes it does! I feel so blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate! I went straight to it and did not have to waste my time with any of the other companies that are out for themselves. WA really cares about each of us and helping us achieve our goals! Keep up the good work!


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