Wix Website Builder Review

In this article, I am going to give you my Honest Reviews for Wix Website Builder.  We will talk about how much it costs to get started and exactly how much it costs for an upgraded membership and what each of those memberships offer you.


Product Name:  Wix Website Builder

Star Rating:  

Overall Ranking:  

Full Membership:  $13 to $39 per month

Owners:  founded in 2006 by Israeli Developers  (Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan)

Website: Wix

Scam:  No

Reviews:  Read Wix Reviews from TrustPilot


Wix Premium Plans

Wix offers a variety of Premium Plans.  Each Premium Plan offers something different.


Wix Premium Plans

The Combo Plan states that is is only for Personal Use.  This means that it is not used for Business Use.  This plan costs $13 per month.  This plan gives you 2 GB Bandwidth, 3 GB Storage, connect your domain, remove Wix ads, 30 video minutes, and free domain for a year.  I cannot see doing much with this Combo Plan.  You certainly cannot use it for business to make money online.

The Unlimited Plan says it is for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.  This plan costs $17 month.  It comes with unlimited Bandwidth, 10 GB storage, connect your domain, remove Wix ads, 1 hour of video, free domain for 1 year, $300 in ad vouchers, site booster app which claims to be a $60 value, visitor analytics app which also claims to be a $60 value.

The Pro Plan says it is for Complete Online Branding and it is $22 per month.  It comes with 20 GB storage, connect your domain, remove Wix ads, 2 hours of video, free domain for 1 year, $300 worth of ad vouchers, Site Booster app ($60 value), visitor analytics app ($60 value), events calendar ($48 value), professional logo ($50 value) and social media log files.

The VIP Plan offers First Priority Support.  This plan costs $39 per month.  It offers unlimited bandwidth, 20 GB storage, connect your domain, remove Wix ads, 2 video hours, free domain for 1 year, $300 ad vouchers, Site Booster app ($60 value), visitor analytics app ($60 value), events calendar ($48 value), professional logo ($50 value) and social media log files.  It offers Priority Response and VIP support.

Free Wix Membership – Is it a Good Deal?

Wix is available for free for as long as you want it to be, but if you require professional features for your website like your own domain name or ecommerce store, you must choose from one of their premium plans ranging from the Combo Plan to the Business VIP plan.

Instructions on how to create a Wix website.

My Thoughts on Wix

It is easy to set up a website on Wix but why would someone ever not want their own domain name for their website?  This means that you would have to go with one of the Premium Plans.  In my opinion and from my experience, the Wix Premium plans are limited.  If you plan to use your website for business or to make money online, I do not recommend using Wix.

My #1 Recommendation and Why

My #1 Recommendation for a Website Builder is Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only does Wealthy Affiliate have great built in tools for quickly building WordPress Websites but they also teach you everything that you need to know to make money online.  They have extensive training that walks you through building your WordPress websites step by step, how to monetize your sites and how to drive traffic to them the right way through proper SEO techniques.

You do not need any previous experience with Affiliate Marketing or any type of programming.  If you have discipline and the desire to make money online, you can do this.  Many people have done this before you and you can follow their blueprint.

Read Real Life Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Even if you do not wish to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate can still teach you to build stunning websites.

Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds or Less

Below is a comparison chart for you to compare Wealthy Affiliate vs. Wix Website Builder.

The above chart gives you a lot to think about.  You might want to just start your free Starter Membership at both Wix and at Wealthy Affiliate and try them both out for yourself if you are unsure.  I am confident that you will choose Wealthy Affiliate.

With the free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 free websites plus hosting and a ton of training.  In time, you may decide to upgrade to a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and that is $47 per month.  With that membership you get 50 free websites plus hosting.  You also get access to the LIVE Training with Jay every Friday night which is priceless.  And, you get unlimited training on building your business online, building your websites and driving traffic to your websites through proper SEO techniques.

See Jay’s Live Webinar Recording for Yourself


If you are looking for a website for your own personal use and you only are interested in having only one website, Wix may be okay for your needs.  If you are interested in building a business online and making money online, I definitely recommend using Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to all of the excellent training and the community of Internet Entrepreneurs that you can communicate with, Wealthy Affiliate also has an Affiliate Program with an extremely generous commission structure of 50% Recurring Commission.  That means that the commission is monthly and it is recurring for as long as the member’s subscription lasts.  Many people are making a full time income this way.

Read more about the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program


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I respond to your comments each and every single day.  Your comments are so important to me.

Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

6 thoughts on “Wix Website Builder Review”

  1. I have come across the WIX advertisement severally and I must say they have done a good job in promoting their program.

    I always say that if you are an online entrepreneur, the best thing to do is get a solid premium bundle that gives you benefits for your business. 

    I have set up a website that is being hosted at Wealthy Affiliates and I do not regret my decision. I first started out with a free plan and I saw the potential of a fully paid premium plan. I have seen tremendous growth in my business.

    Thank you for putting out such a thorough review.

    • I am so glad that you found my review to be useful.  Yes, Wix is a highly promoted program.

      I am so thankful to have found Wealthy Affiliate too!  They offer everything that I need to be a successful Internet Entrepreneur.

      Wishing you continued success!


  2. Thank you for reviewing Wix. I’ve been thinking about different platforms to switch to for creating websites and everywhere I look, there is an ad for Wix. I wanted to look more into it and I came across your article. I do not like the fact that I cannot own my own domain unless I upgrade to the premium plans. It seems like Wealthy Affiliate offers so much more features in line with what I want to do. I’ve been wanting to learn more about SEO and how to drive traffic to my site. This is something I struggle with. It seems like Wealthy Affiliate offers both education and the ability to build websites. I think I might switch over to Wealthy Affiliate soon. Thanks for the advice!

    • Hillary,

      I am so glad that you found my review to be useful.  Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has been the right choice for me in so many ways!  It is so easy to learn to build a WordPress website through Wealthy Affiliate.  I have also learned so many SEO tips and tricks to drive traffic to my websites.  This information will last me for a lifetime and is so valuable.  I am constantly learning.

      Wishing you much success!


  3. Hi, your review about wix is true, the product is very costly compare to wealthy affiliate, I have the same experience when I have never cone across wealthy affiliate, to build website is difficult and expensive but from the time I came.across wealthy affiliate every thing about website becomes easy.

    • Thank you for your comment.  I am glad that you agree with my review.  Yes, in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best and also the most cost effective option for a website builder, hosting and training.

      Wishing you the best!


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