Elevacity MLM Review

Does the popular Elevacity Product, Dose, really make you feel happy?

In this complete and thorough review, we are going to find out the answer to this question… is Elevacity a Scam?  Can you make money with Elevacity?  Does Elevacity have quality products?

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If you are reading this article, then, you are a consumer who is smart and likes to educate themselves and stay informed.  In this review, I will give you all of the information on Elevacity so that you can make an informed decision.

Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Elevacity and this is an unbiased review based on my personal research.

We are going to also answer all of the following questions:

  • What is Elevacity?
  • Is Elevacity a Scam?
  • Can You Make Money with Elevacity?
  • Is Elevacity a MLM?
  • Are Elevacity Products quality products?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Elevacity?

Elevacity Overall Rating

Company Name Elevacity
Company Logo Elevacity Reviews Logo
Star Rating
Cost to Start $99 (you can also get the $250 or $500 pack)
Founders Robert Obion
Reviews Elevacity Customer Review on TrustPlot
Scam or Legit
Recommend No (unless you like sales and recruiting)
Better Suggestion Wealthy Affiliate

What is Elevacity?

Elevacity was launched in 2016 by Robert Obion. Mr. Obion has had businesses before.

Robert Obion was the creator of WorldVentures in 2005.  This network marketing company focused on travel.

Obion’s next venture was FourOceans.  FourOceans was a self-improvement company. FourOceans eventually took a backseat and Elevacity came to the forefront.

Elevacity’s Mission

Elevacity’s Mission is to elevate people’s health and happiness through their line of patented and powerful nutritional products.

Elevacity represents the focus on elevating lives through nutritional products.  Elevacity has core products in the nutritional beverage category and a unique skin care line.

Each product is focused on elevating happiness & well-being for the Elevacity customers.

Is Elevacity a Scam?

No.  Elevacity is not a scam and they do indeed have legitimate products.

Elevacity is a Multi-Level Marketing Company though and I am very cautious of those.  It is always a red flag to me when a company is structured as a MLM.

Can You Make Money with Elevacity?

I believe that a person can make money with Elevacity if they put forth plenty of time and effort into selling products and recruiting people to sell products.  It can be difficult to make money this way.

Recruiting and selling to family and friends is not a fun way to make a living.

There are truly better, lower cost and more reliable ways to make money without having to recruit your family and friends.

Is Elevacity a MLM?

Yes.  Elevacity is a MLM Business Model.  That means that you make a commission not only on selling products but also from recruiting people to sell products.  You will make commission for products sold from your downline (people that you recruit.

I will mention again that I am not a fan of MLM Companies.

Are Elevacity Products Quality Products?

The Elevacity Products do seem to be very good products with great reviews.  Their products are also intriguing because they claim to help you be happy by stimulating your happiness hormones with their special ingredients.

Below are the happiness hormones that Elevacity claims to stimulate.

  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter.  It is responsible for memory, sleep, mood, pleasurable reward, behavior, and cognition.
  • Oxytocin is a special chemical in your body.  This chemical helps create the feeling of falling in love.
  • Serotonin is made from the essential amino acid tryptophan.  This sends signals between your nerve cells.
  • Endorphins are known as the body’s natural opiods.  They can make a person feel happy and relaxed.

Background on Elevacity Products

Elevacity Products were developed by a team of doctors, pharmacists, chemists, naturopaths, food scientists and nutrition experts.

Elevacity Products were manufactured in the U.S. with the highest standards.  They were manufactured with over 50 years of experience.

Some of Elevacity’s Products

  • Dose (Elevate and XantoMax)
  • Elevate Smart Coffee
  • Choclevate
  • XanthoMax
  • KetoCre
  • Extreme Energy Patch
  • Sound Sleep Patch
  • Hangover Defense Patch
  • Pure 2.0
  • Timeless Skincare
  • Elier Mud
  • Elier Serum

What are the Pros and Cons of Elevacity?

thumbs-up-better way designs

thumbs down better way designs

Intriguing Products Multi-level Marketing Business Model
Great Customer Reviews Trying to recruit and sell to friends and family
Who doesn’t want to be happy? Might be a challenge to make money
Products manufactured in USA Loved ones might avoid you if you are always trying to selling them something.

My Final Thoughts on Elevacity  My Final Thoughts on Elevacity

As far as MLMs go, Elevacity does seem to be a good company with positive reviews.  Customers are claiming that the Elevacity Products do make them happier so how can that be a bad thing?  I think their products are intriguing and worth a try.

I do not like MLMs at all and that is what Elevacity is.  For that reason, I do not recommend it.


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8 thoughts on “Elevacity MLM Review”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i generally don’t like recruiting people to multi level marketing platforms but i think the incentives from elevacity is really appealing. not really the best but it is worth it

    • Benny,

      I am so glad you like my article and my website.  That means a lot to me!

      Elevacity does have some good products.  As with any MLM, proceed with caution.

      It is important to me to bring you the information so you can make an informed decision!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Best wishes!


  2. It not uncommon to find MLM companies with great products, and from your review, it seems like Elevacity falls into that category. That being said, even if elevacity is not a scam and their products actually fulfills its promises, I don”t believe it is a great route to take if your aim is to make money.

    Like you mentioned, MLMs might not be scams, but reports suggest that only 1% of those who try actually achieve success. It usually requires very high and unsustainable efforts to make a living from them.

    Thanks for sharing, it has been informative.

    • You make some very valid points and I agree with you completely.

      It is critical for a MLM to have good products.  I believe that a person can make money with MLMs with much effort as you stated.  I do believe there are better and more effective ways to make money though.

      I do agree with your statistics!

      You are welcome.  Thank you for your insightful comment.  I am so glad that you found my Elevacity Reviews to be informative!

      Best wishes!


  3. Though am not new to elevacity, I will say the line or brand is also a good one, it has so many advantages attached to it and I will like to appreciate you for bringing out this kind of brand to encourage people.
    I have tried some of their product and I can say that they are not bad, so its a yes from me in terms of recommendation of elevacity.
    For the fact that it is an MLM kind of business also makes it good, you make profit not from only the sales of goods but also the recruiting people to sell for you

    • Carol,

      Yes, Elevacity has a lot of positive things about it!

      If a person likes recruiting and is a good sales person with a network of friends and family, this could be a good opportunity for them.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Best wishes!


  4. I do not believe in paying something to start up without having a taste of what the product is really and how I hate recruiting and scaling out of a business that I am not in 100% agreement with.  

    I do know that Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful program where they guide you in building a website and the on going training to maintain that website. 

    Elevacity is another Pyramid scheme, but it is just not for me.  I’ll pass on Elevacity. 

    Great review.  Very informative, nice non-biased opinion.

    • Bobbi,

      Thank you so much for your comment.  I am glad that you liked my Review.

      My job is to bring you the information so that you can make your own informed decision.

      Best wishes!



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