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This is my Honest Commission Junction Review 2019.  Can I make money online with it?  Can you make money online with it?  Let’s find the answers to those intriguing questions!

My name is Alisha and below is my true and honest opinion on Commission Junction.  I am a Christian Mom and I love working from home on my online business.  It allows me to focus on my health and my family with a lifestyle of freedom.

What Is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction is an Affiliate Marketplace where you can find literally thousands of products to promote and make money online.  It is one central place where you can promote thousands of different products and receive your commission all in one place instead of little amounts in various places.  Very convenient!

There is No Credit Card Required to sign up and the initial sign up is easy.

I have more trust for programs that do not ask for my credit card upfront.  I tend to question programs that ask for your credit card to sign up for a free account.  Be cautious of places that do.  If they are asking for your credit card for a free account, then it is not really free is it?


Product Name:  Commission Junction

Star Rating:  

Overall Ranking: Great Opportunity
Price: $0 To Sign Up

Full Membership:  Free
Website: Commission Junction



I signed up for a Commission Junction Account.  I initially found it from the GoDaddy website.  I was interested in joining the Affiliate Marketing Program for GoDaddy.  When I clicked the link to join the GoDaddy Affiliate Program, the link took me to Commission Junction.  GoDaddy uses Commission Junction to handle their Affiliate Marketing Program for them so they do not have to handle it themselves.  See how this works?

commission junction



Once you log into Commission Junction, you can click on the Advertisers tab across the top to see a list of thousands of different Advertisers to promote.  Beside each Advertiser, there is a button where you can click Join Program to join their Affiliate Program to enable you to promote that company’s products and services and earn a commission.

Before clicking Join Program for the program that you wish to join, you will need to fill out your Network Profile.  Your Network Profile is basically an application that you fill out.  This one single application will be used as your application each time you select Join Program for any given program.


Commission Junction


Above is what the Commission Junction Network Profile looks like.  You will need to fill out this application electronically and submit it.  Keep in mind that this will be the single application submitted each time you choose to click Join Program to apply to promote each advertiser.  Put some thought into it when you are filling it out because this is what Advertisers will read when trying to make a decision about you promoting them.

Commission Junction is a great place to find advertisers to promote.  But,  you will first need a website in order to promote these products.

Here You Can Get Your Two Free Websites Plus Hosting To Get You Started On Your Own Online Business.

It is easy to set up your websites at Wealthy Affiliate.  And, if you are not an experienced Affiliate Marketer, you will also need training from Wealthy Affiliate University.

From my experience:


  • Easy to sign up
  • Full access to thousands of Advertisers to promote
  • Unlimited potential
  • One centralized place for finding advertisers to promote and for receiving commission


  • I did not like filling out the Network Profile
  • Can be overwhelming when looking through the thousands of advertisers to choose from
  • Their interface can be confusing and difficult to read



  • No Experience Needed
  • Anyone wanting to make money from home or to build a home-based business
  • Students or anyone wanting to make extra money
  • Internet Marketers, Internet Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in SEO or Affiliate Marketing
  • Anyone sick of their current job (try something new, I’m not kidding!)


How to find Products to Promote with Commission Junction | Video

Commission Junction


Click the above graphic to open the video that  shows how easy it is to find Products or Advertisers to promote in Commission Junction.    It opens up a whole world of possibilities in Affiliate Marketing.  It is definitely worth checking out!


Commission Junction is a great one stop shop to find thousands of Advertisers and Products to promote on your website.

Overall, I think it is very helpful to have your Advertisers and Commission all in one place.  It certainly makes everything easier to keep track of.  It feels a little overwhelming at first but just like anything, you have to take the time to get used to it.

I do recommend it but I think it is also necessary to have proper training in building an online business, Affiliate Marketing and driving traffic to your website.  Otherwise, you are just going in circles!

Wealthy Affiliate University is where I learned ALL of this plus more!  I did a lot of research before finding Wealthy Affiliate.  They do not require a credit card for a free membership.  And, you will gain access to 2 free websites plus hosting and a lot of training.  Then if you find that it is for you, they also have a Premium Membership option.

Below explains how to build your free WordPress website if you need one to promote Commission Junction products and advertisers or for any other reason.


Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds



If you have any questions or would like to contact me, you may reach me anytime at my personal page at WA.  I LOVE hearing from you!  Contact me!  

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