Can You Make Money Selling Avon? | Avon Review 2020

In this article, we are going to answer this question…  can you make money selling Avon?  We are going to find out if Avon offers a good opportunity and if you can indeed make money selling Avon.

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Product Name Avon
Star Rating
Overall Ranking Excellent
Full Membership $30 to sign up and start selling
Owners Avon Founder, David McConnell
Website Avon
Reviews Avon Employee Reviews

How Avon Got Started – I Am Impressed!

The Avon Founder is David McConnell.

David H. McConnell offered women something very rare in 19th century America and that was a chance for financial independence. In the year of 1886, it was almost unheard of for a woman to run her very own business.

McConnell offered women a rare opportunity to work outside the home.  In 1886, approximately 5 million women worked outside the home and mostly in not so glamorous jobs.

McConnell offered women an opportunity to not only work outside the home but also to work in a glamorous industry of makeup and perfume.

He based his company on having a family feel to it which of course is important to families and important to women.
McConnell based the things that he did on an attitude of a positive spirit and Avon was no exception.

He based Avon on the following principles and these principles hold true today.

  • To provide an earnings opportunity so that individuals can achieve financial independence and enjoy all that comes with such an accomplishment.
  • Recognizing every person’s unique contributions
  • Giving back to the communities that Avon serves
  • To offer the highest-quality Avon products with a guarantee of satisfaction
  • Always maintaining and cherishing the friendly spirit of Avon

Nowadays, of course, it is more common for a woman to run her own business.  But, it is still amazing that McConnell gave women that opportunity back in 1886 and gave women an opportunity that just grew in time.

Even today, Avon is a thriving business and many women make money selling Avon and they are still able to have the freedom to focus on their families.  This definitely represents the principles that Avon was founded upon.

How Can You Make Money Selling Avon?

Below is a listing of some of the many things that Avon offers to its independent Sales People.

  • Products that you will definitely fall in love with
  • Earn up to 40% on sales
  • Earn up to 40% off your first order
  • They offer many insider discounts
  • They offer Rapid Pay and you get paid in 2 days
  • You get your very own personalized store to make it easy for you to sell

How To Start Selling Avon

You can sign up to become an Avon Representative and start selling Avon on their website.

Can I make money selling avon

Cost To Start Selling Avon

It costs $30 to sign up to become an Avon Representative and you can sigh up online.
After signing up, you can start selling  Avon right away.

What You Get When You Sign Up

When you pay the $30 sign up fee, you get your pick of a FREE gift which is an $80+ value.

This includes an assortment of their best-sellers.  This will help you get started sharing Avon’s awesome products.

Other Perks of Becoming an Avon Representative

  • You  also get 40% off your first order.   This allows you to start trying even more products.
  • You can also share with friends and family as you start selling Avon’s products.
  • Avon offers a gigantic array of beauty product from makeup to perfumes to anti-aging to creams and cleansers.
  • You will also get an online store where your customers can shop around the clock.  They can also shop in your store via a mobile app which makes it easy for your customers.


Making money selling Avon is definitely a viable opportunity.  If you need to make extra money and you are a stay at home Mom, I can see this as being a perfect job for you.  If you pour your heart and dedication into it, just like anything else, I can see even making a full-time income selling Avon.  I definitely love the story of the Avon founder and the principles that Avon was founded upon which are:

  • Family
  • Women can achieve their goals and dreams, be financially independent and run their own businesses

In my opinion, the founder of Avon was a very smart man.

How Good Are Avon Products?

I use Avon products myself and I have for many years.  The products are amazing.  I especially love their moisturizers.

A close friend of mine who was an Anti Aging Physician did some studies about Avon Products in his clinical trials.  He found the Avon Clinical line to be as top notch as the fancier and more expensive brands in the Department stores.

Avon products would be easy products to sell because they are extremely high quality.  I would recommend trying them out for yourself and then you will see.

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