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Build A Website Online

So…  you want to build a website online?

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Want to build a STYLISH website like this one?

This is how I did it step-by-step!

Build A Website Online


So, before you pick a domain name, you will want to give some thought to what you want the subject of your website to be.  The subject of your website is called your niche.

For example, my niche for TwoFreeWebsites is teaching people how to build a business online and make money.  And, of course, building a business online starts with a website.  In my case, it all started with my 2 free websites from Wealthy Affiliate!

Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding On a Niche

I am going to give you some niche examples, but first…   Ask yourself the few questions below to decide on a niche (a subject for your website).

What are you passionate about?

Is there something that you’re really good at that you might want to write about and share with others?

Make sure it is a niche that you will enjoy writing about.

You will be writing Blog posts on your website about the niche that you choose so it is important that you have a passion for your niche.

And, within your post, you will be reviewing and talking about various products.  In the Training that you get with your Free Starter Account, it will be explained to you Task by Task how to do this.  🙂


Here are some examples of various niches that you can choose for your website.


Best Football Gear, Best Helmets, Best Shoes, Best Footballs, Football Tips


Best Weight Machines, Best Supplements, Best Workout Programs, Fitness Advice


Best Cookware, Best Food, Recipes, Tips and Tricks


Baby items, baby clothing, baby advice, parenting advice, teen parenting advice


You get the idea!  There are literally thousands of niches out there for you to choose from.  And millions of people out there ready to read your content.  Whichever niche you choose, I promise it will get to be even more fun to write about it when you start making money with it!  That is when it gets really interesting!

Are you wondering how you will make money on your niche?


Make Money With Your Website from Affiliate Programs

In Google, type Affiliate Programs + Your Niche.  You will get a listing of Affiliate Programs that you can promote within your Blog.

Here is an example.  I typed in fitness affiliate programs 2019 to find out what is hot and what is current.  Here are the results:

affiliate programs


So, you can dig deeper into these fitness Affiliate Programs and find ways to make money with them by promoting them on your website.


Make Money With Your Website from the Amazon Affiliate Program –

Amazon Associates

One of my favorite Affiliate Programs is Amazon Associates.  I even wrote a review about them.  They are the absolute best!

Amazon Associates Review

With Amazon, you have a huge array of products to promote all in one place.  And, you make a commission from Amazon on these products.  In your Blog Post, you will review various products from Amazon, link to them and earn a commission when one of your website visitors clicks on the link and makes a purchase!


Do you need help deciding on a niche for your website?  Watch the video below!

choosing a niche


Build A Website Online Domain


Once you have a vision for what you want your website to be about, you are ready to register your domain.  Your domain name can be anything that you want it to be but something related to the subject of your website.  I like to pick a domain name that means something special to me.

For the website that you are on, I chose the name TwoFreeWebsites because my journey in building my online business started with 2 free websites from Wealthy Affiliate.  Your journey can start here too!

You can register a domain right here, right now with Site Rubix.

Register your Domain for free.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 free websites on Site Rubix.  As you progress or at any time, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership that gives you 50 websites plus hosting, unlimited training, live training, mentoring from the owners and the Wealthy Affiliate online community of Internet Entrepreneurs, easy WordPress website set-up and unlimited tips and tricks from the experts.

It is great to learn from the experts.  Some are making a full-time living online and even some who are making millions online!


Build A Website Online Get Training


Getting the best training on how to make money online is critical.  There are a lot of scams out there who are just trying to get your money.  I feel so lucky to have found a genuine and honest company with complete training in Affiliate Marketing and how to build a business online.

They even teach you how to build a website online.  They teach you everything you need to know from initially developing the groundwork for your business to making your business thrive.

The company is Wealthy Affiliate University.

One thing that I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can earn while you learn.  In other words, within each training module, there are also tasks for you to complete.  By completing these tasks as you go, you are building out your website, thus, building out your business.  As you learn more about all of it and implement what you learn, you can start making money as you go.

Earn while you learn.



be persistent Build A Website Online


I love Lions so I look for every opportunity to put a Lion on my website!  This seemed like the perfect opportunity!  I love Lions not only because they are beautiful but because they are fierce and they are the Kings of the Jungle.  They are persistent when pursuing their prey.  They don’t give up.

Lion-style tenacity is the type of tenacity that it takes to succeed with Affiliate Marketing. Building a business online or even out there in the world somewhere does not happen overnight.  You have to be willing to devote the time and energy to building your business online.  Be persistent.  Don’t give up and certainly do not listen to the people who say that you cannot do this!  You can!

I hope that you have learned a lot from this article.  This entire website is devoted to teaching you what I have learned over the years.  A lot has been learned through experience, training and even some trial and error.

Please let me know what you think of this post.  I love hearing from you and I respond to comments on a daily basis.

I am available to help you build a business online!  You can contact me in the comments below or even from the Contact Us page.

You may also contact me within my Internet Entrepreneur Community!  I cannot wait to hear from you!

Live Your Best Life And Don’t Stop!


Read About Me if you want to 🙂


Build A Website Online Make Money Online


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Alisha DeLozier

Alisha DeLozier

I am the founder of Two Free Websites and have been running my own online affiliate marketing business for several years. The niches that I am involved in range from Dog Football Jerseys to Consumer Product Reviews. All of which I have a personal interest in.

I am also the avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where I engage with the community of over 2 Million members.

8 thoughts on “Build A Website Online | You Can Do This!”

  1. What a fantastic idea! Anybody wanting an online business or even just a place to blog their random thoughts should try out Wealthy Affiliate!

    I remember long years ago when there were websites who would offer people a free page. lol. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I could have two free websites of my very own! I like lions, too. So beautiful! I think two free websites would make me feel more like an eagle, though. 

    Keep up the good work while I check this out!

    • Cathy,

      ha ha!  I do love Lions but Eagles are amazing also and certainly represent the way it feels to be flying high and making money online with your own website!

      Yes, it is so great that Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 free websites with as many posts or blogs as you want to add.  Oh yeah!  Hosting too!!

      Thank you so much for your comment!  I love hearing from my Readers!

      Lots of love!


  2. What’s awesome about creating your own website/blog is the fact you can pursue something you’re passionate about, learn to generate traffic, drive sales, and create a full-time income over the long-term. There are hundreds of profitable niches within any topic as well, and while it may look saturated, I can guarantee that by learning the proper way to build and maintain a blog, you’re already going to be ahead 99.9% of others. 

    • Todd,

      I completely agree with you!

      There are millions of longtail keywords out there to target even with low competition.

      That is why it is so important to learn to build a business online the right way the first time through Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you so much for your comment!


  3. Your article shows not only how to build a website online but also what is necessary to use as content to create an Affiliate Marketing business. All the visitors need to do is read your instructions and follow your links for back up information. 

    I have been working on my online business since January. It all began with building a website. As long as you get the right training, the process can be a lot of fun. It really was that easy. And you do provide the path to get trained properly. Through Wealthy Affiliate of course. 

    Anyone who lands on this article should jump at this opportunity. I have no regrets at all since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best to you.



    • Edwin,

      I am glad that you liked the article!

      I am so happy for you.  You made the right decision!

      I wish you much-continued success in your endeavors!


  4. This is a very informative and readable article on an excellent way for people to begin their own online business with two free websites.. You have clearly outlined al the steps involved from choosing a niche through getting expert training and finally by listing some ways of monetizing the sites.

    I like the way you broke up the niche ideas into categories then offered some more focused ideas within each category..

    I also use Wealthy Affiliate and I found that I very quickly upgraded to premium membership because there is so much more on offer. The training in Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and especially good for people who are new to building a website and internet marketing. 

    I certainly have no issues in backing your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. as my personal experience cannot fault it. There is so much value in the training that anyone from very young to old like me can grow their knowledge base and business with WA.  

    • Judy,

      Thank you so much for your positive comment.

      I am also a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have been since 2015.  I first started with the Free Starter Membership.  Ince I experienced the training, I knew it was the place for me to learn to build my business online and learn Affiliate Marketing.

      You are right, a person of any age or any experience level can learn to build a business online.  It does take drive, determination, and passion.  It does not matter where you came from but it matters where you are going!

      Stay in touch!  I wish you much-continued success! 


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