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Today, I would like to introduce you to JAAXY which is the BEST Free Keyword Search Tool on the market…  I will even let you try JAAXY for yourself for FREE!

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best free keyword search tool

Why Keywords?

As a Website Owner, you want to write content for your site that is relevant to what people are searching for.  This is a key component to driving traffic to your site.  You need to describe your content in the way that a person is searching for it.  Keywords are what links your content to what a person is searching for.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the words that a person types in the search engine to find information on-line.


Let me give you an example:

Jerry is looking to build a WordPress site and he is unsure of where to go.  So, Jerry might type this search in his browser.


When Jerry types this in, he will see pages and pages of Google Results returned.  See picture below.




Jerry will proceed to click on one of the websites out of the many pages of websites to find the answers to Build A WordPress Website.

Now, as a Website Owner and a Content Writer, wouldn’t it be nice to know that many people like Jerry are looking for this same information by typing the same keywords in their browser each month?  Now, wouldn’t it?

Having a great keyword search tool is necessary for effective Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)  I have tried other keyword search tools and JAAXY is by far the best.  One of the things that I love about JAAXY is that it is extremely easy to use.  I love the way the interface is laid out.  It gives you all of the information that you need.  And, as we both know…  knowledge is power in everything that you do and especially with SEO.

This is where JAAXY comes in!

As a Website Owner, before I ever write my content on Building A WordPress Website, I already know what people are searching for (keywords).  I know home many competitors there are for the specific keywords (QSR).  I know what my chances are for ranking on page number one in Google (SEO).  I know the Average number of people searching for these specific keywords per month (Avg).  I know the actual traffic that my website should get with a page one Google Ranking (Traffic).  The KQI tells me if this is an overall good set of keywords to use.  So, all of this information empowers me to make the right decisions for my website.  After all, knowledge is power!

When I write my content, I can use the exact phrase “Build a WordPress Website” in my content to drive traffic to my site on that specific post.

This is how I research my Keywords BEFORE I write my content.


I log into my JAAXY account and do my Keyword Research.  See the picture below:

best free keyword search tool


Now, I am going to break this down for you so you understand the performance indicators within JAAXY so you can make the right choices for your website.  This is all about having access to the right information.  You will always be fully educated on choosing the best keywords with JAAXY.

Avg  The Average number of searches that this keyword receives per month.

Traffic Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines.

QSR  Quoted Search Results – The number of competing websites in the search engines for these exact keywords.

KQI Key Quality Indicator – Green is great; Yellow is ok; Red is poor.

SEO A score based on traffic and competition.  The higher the score, the mpore likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1 to 100, 100 = better)


Now, as a Website Owner, BEFORE writing my content on Build A WordPress Website, I know that 430  people total each month just like Jerry are typing this exact search term in their browser.  And, if I get a first page Google Ranking (which is the goal!), I can expect 74 people per month to go to my site.

Do you see what a powerful tool JAAXY is?  Now, I am going to let you try JAAXY for free and type in your very own potential key words to use for your website content.  Then, JAAXY will tell you the words exactly as you need to use them!  Don’t be afraid to jump right in and try it.  It doesn’t matter what level you are at with your website development skills.  Or, even if you are an advanced Affiliate Marketer, you need this…  anyone from Beginner to Advanced needs the best keyword information in order to drive traffic to their site.

Try JAAXY for free now!

Please contact me in my Affiliate Marketing Community if you have any questions!  I love hearing from you and I love helping you too!

Alisha  XOXO

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