7 Beauty MLM’s to Avoid

Have you ever had a friend or family member approach you about a new opportunity that they discovered and they want you to try it too?  It can be awkward, to say the least.  No one wants to have friends, family members or anyone for that matter to try to recruit them.

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Also, think about this…  do you want to be “that person” that everyone is avoiding for fear you are going to give them your sales pitch.  Don’t be “that guy or girl”.  You don’t have to be to make money.

I have a passion for beauty and health and I want to share with you 7 beauty and health MLMs that I have found that you should strongly consider avoiding and why.  These are just my opinions so take it with a grain of salt if you choose.  You can make your own wise decisions.  It is certainly my pleasure to provide you with the 411 though.

1.  Monat

Monat MLM Review

Founded in 2014.

Industry:  Haircare

Monat MLM Review

You may have seen advertisements of ladies with their incredible head of hair claiming that they owe it to their Monat products and supposedly anyone can have hair like this.  Is this fact or fiction?  You be the judge.

This company is plagued by lawsuits claiming that the Monat products are responsible for some severe symptoms such as balding, itchiness, hair loss and scalp irritation.  Why would you want to promote a product that may cause these issues to someone that you love?  Well, just why?

This certainly does not sound appealing and in my opinion, is not worth the risk.  If I want a massive mane of hair, I’ll just get hair extensions!  How about that!

2.  It Works!

it works MLM Review

Founded in 2001.

Industry:  Weight Loss

It Works! MLM Review

Let’s face it.  I am not judging but there sure are a lot of overweight people in the world.  Weight is not easy to lose.  I would be pleased to do some trimming up myself.  If we could all wear a wrap or drink a shake and watch the pounds fly off, wouldn’t there be more skinny people in the world.  Well, wouldn’t there?

I am not sure the wrap is worth trying.  It might help you lose some water weight.

3.  Younique

younique website

Founded in:  2012

Industry: Cosmetics

Younique MLM Review

The people who sell their products are called “presenters”.  Younique has a script and they tell you what to say.  Why would you want to go through all of this to buy makeup?  I am guessing that the makeup at Ulta or the Department Store is just as good.  I buy my makeup at Walgreens and have no complaints!

Some claim that Younique’s sales practices are shady.  From what I have researched, I will keep buying my makeup at Walgreen’s thank you…

4.  Nu Skin

Nu Skin MLM Review

Founded in:  1984

Industry:  Personal Care Products

Nu Skin MLM Review

NuSkin has been around for decades but we certainly have questions about them.

NuSkin had to pay settlements in 5 states after being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  NuSkin was found to have deceptive marketing practices and an overstated earning potential for their sales people.

Nevertheless, NuSkin lives on to recruit more people to sell their products and recruit.

5.  Le-vel

le-vel MLM Review

Founded in: 2012

Industry:  Health and Wellness


Have you seen someone wearing a sticker on their skin?  They could be a Le-vel Promoter.  I am going out on a limb but my guess is that they would love to tell you all about their magical sticker.

Le-vel has vitamin and nutrition patches and they come with a price tag that is not a small one.  These patches claim to help with weight management, mental clarity, blood circulation and appetite control.  Do they work?  Well, I guess you will have to pay the price to find out.

If you join their MLM, you will make more money with the more people you recruit.  Just a little bit of free advice from me to you.

6.  Jeunesse

Jeunesse MLM Review

Founded in:  2009

Industry:  Skincare

Jeunesse Global MLM Review

Jeunesse…  where do we begin?  There was a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against this South Florida based company.   Billion, yes, I said billion.  The lawsuit states that thy are operating and illegal pyramid scheme…  whuuut!  It has innocently been made to look like a direct sales company.

They allegedly have been accused of tax evasion, backroom deals, money laundering, cancer cures, and violations of foreign laws.  There were others but you get the point.

7.  Arbonne

Arbonne MLM Review

Founded in: 1975

Industry:  Skincare

Arbonne MLM Review

Arbonne has been around for a while.  Along the way, they have gotten quite a few fans but also some haters.  There are always haters out there.

They came back from bankruptcy in 2009.  The company is stable now though.  They have a high price tag for skincare and as with all MLMs, it is a challenge to make any substantial amount of money.

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